hush! don’t tell anyone….

November 17, 2012

coming for you soon…

after a year-and-a-half of wordpress shenanigans, it looks like i’m going to be jumping ship onto my very own website!

[although currently the site isn’t ready, so that’ll redirect you to one of my other pages!]

i’m happy to say that it will be continuing this blog over at the new site. and it will also have a little shop attached, where i will be selling fragments of my artistic soul. initially this will just take the form of some fab t-shirts which i’ve designed. but further down the line, i hope to send all manner of curiosities out into the world!

but for now i’m still here, and on facebook [link]


model – flashh
photography – lowe imaging



zombie finger attack

September 24, 2012

i found some photos of my zombie finger tattoo that i’d never shown to anyone before..

i really miss these guys 😥

zombie disco

May 24, 2012

in the aftermath of the 2.8 hours later zombie outbreak [see previous post], all of the survivors and newly infected got together to celebrate at the zombie disco..

^^this is a photo of yours truly from the show!

this afterparty was organised by the folks at inside out adventures. it featured a suitably apocalyptic themed playlist, zombie vs. survivor dance-offs, and a mass thriller dance amongst other things.

they do plenty more fun event stuff, not just zombie discos – you can check out their facebook here [link]


all over the interweb

April 25, 2012

anyone on facebook…?

i just started a facebook page up a few days ago – come find me and say hi! [link]

i also have a tumblr [link] but i haven’t really got the hang of that yet!


2.8 hours later

April 25, 2012

incase you didn’t know, the zombies are coming…

the zombie chase game 2.8 hours later will be in liverpool on the 16th – 21st may. find them on facebook [link]

btw, this is not advertising – i am actually a part of their apocalypse.

you see, i’m on the make-up team for the event so will be responsible for helping get these flesheaters out onto the streets so they can help wipe out all you breathers!

i’ll see you on the other side!


tenmen versus the zombie

January 21, 2012

this blog has been relatively dormant this month, this is due to the fact that my time has been completely devoted to my uni work. i am in the final few weeks of my BIG 3rd year project, so please bear with me. i shall link up some of the more interesting things over the next month or so.


in a few of my previous posts i told you about some paintings i had done as presents to friends. well, the fourth [and final] one has been delivered to it’s recipient so i can reveal it to you too…

this one was done for a musician/dj friend of mine who is known to everyone as tenmen.

tenmen versus the zombie” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

have you spotted the theme in this one yet..  there’s a flesh-eating zombie, and how many men??

so now that i’ve handed them all out, i can also show you what they look like when placed together…

reflecting on this little series of work, i want to say something like, ‘these four things are completely individual yet are intrinsically linked to one other.  and, when they come together – they form a much larger beast.’

but that is too much of an arty statement for my tastes.

plus i’m actually talking about my friends, not the paintings!


zombie penguin

December 31, 2011

this is the second painting in a series of four that i created for some of my friends.

the new owner is a fabulous artist i am fortunate enough to know called india rex. yes, that is her really real name! she can be sometimes be found on the interweb under the guise of indisaurus rex. we have plans to do some creative stuff together in the coming months [which i am incredibly excited about!]

actually, we have already done 1 painting together many moons ago – which i shall endeavour to locate a photo of, and upload. but for now enjoy this lil’ baby…

zombie penguin” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

the significance of the painting…? well, im a zombie and she’s a penguin. obviously. although, it’s not quite that simple. there are human suits, and unicorns involved too. but let’s not get into all that right now, k.

but, if at any time you happen to spot a penguin within my paintings, this is a direct reference to indi!