November 2, 2012

i’ve been reflecting on how quickly things have been coming together recently…

on the 11th August, i wrote a blog post [link] saying that i was getting back into the studio to do some drawing. specifically, i was busy revamping a very old sketch – this one infact:

  • the sketch was refined, the idea adjusted, redrawn and inked.
  • then it was scanned and cleaned up digitally.
  • from there is was emailed to the screen printers, and put onto t-shirts.
  • the t-shirts have made their way around the uk, and some have even left the country, going as far afield as ontario and california.
  • they’ve been photographed professionally using an alt. model, and one of these images is to be used in a magazine [that i love] to advertise my range of designs.
  • the t-shirts are currently available for sale in a couple of shops, and once my website is finished they’ll be available to buy online too.

so here we are now – less than 3 months later – we have moved from that sketch above, to this…

not too shabby, eh?


this is an update of the design i showed you recently…

this stage of drawing/inking is finished, and im pretty happy how it has turned out. but i still want to add a background design, and i’m considering adding a second colour before i print it.

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back in the studio

August 11, 2012

oh dear!
it’s been 3 months since i posted any drawings on here..

i’ve been seriously busy finishing my degree, then moving house – but importantly i have now set myself up in business as a freelance artist!  so i’ve been in the studio all week drawing, except for one day where i met a lady who wants me to supply her with dead bodies!

anyways. the drawings…

^this is a drawing i did a few years ago, just after reading singularity seven. this was my first introduction to ben templesmith and i was pretty amazed by his work. with my sketch, i was trying to do an ’embodiment-of-war’ type character, but the similarity to ‘the singularity’ from templesmith’s story is undeniable! anyway, i’ve always liked the drawing but never felt able to complete it, so i thought i’d re-work it from scratch.

these are the progress sketches, using pre-photoshop old fashioned skills of cut-and-paste – utilising photocopying, pritt stick, and tippex!

i started off with skulls, bones and tentacles, which had a real nautical flavour, so i added a ship’s wheel to the composition. the wip sketches speak for themselves, but i eventually dropped the wheel, as i just couldn’t get it to work because the silhouette was just way too busy for my taste.

and this is how the sketch currently looks..

the intention was always to create: what appears to besatanic looking re-animated pirate-skeleton, who was brandishing the tools of his trade.

but if you look properly, there is nothing supernatural about that skeleton at all…


wordpress has just informed me that this was my 100th post! it pleases me greatly that the subject matter is all about me getting back into my art.  🙂


October 19, 2011

whaddya think of my new moneybox?

amongst the random things i got for my birthday were a paint-your-own stegasaurus moneybox,  and some kids air-drying plasticine [thanks again to party and face respectively!]

as soon as i saw that lil’ dinosaur i knew he was gonna get butchered. taken me a few months to get round to it, but ive eventually got it sorted. this is what i think is best described as a ‘jason freeny on-the-cheap‘.  [mr. freeny does things like this incase you dont know who he is.]

actually this was a very quick project. i spent more time cutting the blighter up [badly], than making his calcium deficient innards. it is certainly not anatomically correct – but then it was always more of an experimentation in freenyness than a musuem candidate. [hmm, that sounds like im making an excuse.] if im honest, technical accuracy has never been something i like encroaching on my work.

and that last admission makes me sound a bit slapdash and lazy – which is not really the case. [that, right there, was a lie too.] it’s more to do with my terrible attention span – if a project isnt finished within a few sittings then it get relegated to the unfinished pile and is never seen again. indeed, i was moaning about that recently [moan].

so, using the silly notion that a person can change and improve themselves, i have been working on a painting which i would have normally ditched ages ago. it still isnt finished, but i have been persisting even when my heart is not in it.

so i will get it done soon.


[fyi. the painting in question is a zombie pin-up girl!]


a little victory

October 10, 2011

for a while i’ve been considering getting into the t-shirt business. but through a mixture of lack of time/ equipment/ finances/ et cetera this has not yet occurred. i’ve slowly been building up equipment and ideas.

however, in the last couple of weeks i have done a little practical experimentation using a stencil from the skull-a-day blog.

these 3 shirts are done using that stencil. [top right using bleach, and the other two with fabric paints].the stencil is available for free download here.

i wouldnt normally post this kind of experimenty work, but currently i’m in the midst of so many new and ongoing projects that i feel a terrible frustration that none of my endeavours will come to fruition for quite some time. so, to combat this demoralising outlook, i feel it necessary to highlight this little milestone achievement toward my longer term goal of ‘doing t-shirts’.

so please, forgive the self indulgent nature of this post, but in many ways this blog is more than an online presence to establish a niche/build an artistic reputation for myself. it is a diary and justification of my creative path. i started it back in march as an attempt to regain my creative focus which had been lost in recent years – and i’ve been surprised by just how well it has worked in that context. but as i say, in absence of something finished to show, i am celebrating the little victory that is the beginnings of a new road.

“no great thing is suddenly created” – epictetus



September 10, 2011

creatively speaking, im having a terribly dry patch.  it’s not that i havent got ideas – i do. i have more than i can possibly squeeze into my available time. the problem is more that i cant seem to get anything finished.

at timeswhen i lose focus, i have a tendency to look through old work and sketchbooks to try and ignite my inspiration and work ethic. but it never helps.

indeed, it usually only highlights how many other unfinished projects ive accumulated over the years. these are 3 images from my metaphorical pile of unfinished digital works. there’s something about each of them that i still quite like..

“merman”  [pencil sketch + p/shop, wacom. july 2007]

“little miss muffet”  [p/shop, wacom. may 2007]

“in the closet”  [p/shop, wacom. may 2008]

but it got me wondering, do other creative types have as much unfinished work lying around??  have writers got boxes of forgotten tales which never made it beyond 2 chapters? do all other artists have dozens of unfinished canvasses stacked ontop of the wardrobe? or 40gb of digitally created images backed-up but forgotten on your hard drive? musicians too, must have unfinished melodies bursting out from under the bed?

…or is it just me who only completes 1 project out of 20?