the children of the brain

December 5, 2011

a while ago i posted an anatomical drawing of a head that had been bisected open. but curiously, rather than having a brain inside – there was a foetus..

as i enter the final year of my degree, i am using this subject matter as a vehicle to investigate a few ideas.

i suspect theology, medicine, and artistic craftsmanship will all come into focus as i explore it in further depth. no doubt the roles of identity, personality, and user profiles will make appearances too as technology continues to overwhelm our physical place in this digital world.

i will record my journey of research and creation on another blog:

cerebrum filios: the children of the brain


please have a look from time-to-time. if any of my posts strike a chord, or relate to your own thoughts or ideas, then i would love to hear what you have to say.




3 Responses to “the children of the brain”

  1. Lexxi Says:

    Totally like this.

    what happened to fb? is it not longer in use??

    can’t wait to see more amazing work!


    • hey lexxi,
      i deactivate my profile when i feel the need to either avoid distractions or limit my interactions with people [-this time it’s the latter!]. the people who i care to maintain contact with always have other ways of getting in touch – like yourself!

      thank you for your kinds words!

      • Lexxi Says:

        Yeah, I was sad to notice you were gone! and since we don’t text or email made me even more sad. Thought I wouldn’t find you, luckily I did! and yes, very kind but very truthful. You inspire me to go further with my art 🙂

        Have a great time with everything you are working on!


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