November 13, 2012

“nosferatu” [wacom, p/shop]

the nosferatu-look has always been my favourite depiction of a vampire – which no doubt originates from being terrified by salem’s lot [the ’79 film] as a young child! i seem to remember being very fond of the klaus kinski version of ‘nosferatu’ while i was growing up too, but i haven’t seen it in years so not sure how well it has dated..

now that i think about it, there’s a couple of vampire movies amongst my favourite films – specifically near dark, and 30 days of night. however they both have such terribly disappointing endings.

maybe i should give twilight a go… it can’t be that bad, can it?



May 5, 2012

i did a bit more sketching tonight..

the drowning of mr.wormtongue” [photoshop + wacom]

i scribbled for a good half hour before this started to evolve out of the mess i was making. probably spent an hour on it total. i find creating a sketch like this to be a very cathartic process.

it is very rough and ready – but combined with the title, i think i do like it!



May 5, 2012

life has been getting very stressful – and i just needed to do some drawing to help me relax.

wolverine” [photoshop – 25 minute sketch]



March 11, 2012

last year i told you about IFX fightclub …but don’t tell anyone i told you!

it was essentially a ‘draw off’, wherein artists put forward characters, and they then draw them having a bit of a scrap. the audience who were following the fight then voted for a winner.  the beauty of this system meant that it wasn’t always the better artist who won – entertaining the crowd counted for a lot!

my character was tellyhead..


here’s another couple of old pics from the fightclub days.

this first one was the result of quite an epic battle with a character known as electrobob by an artist called evil robot. you can see the whole fight as it unfolded over in this thread here, and does demonstrate the unscripted flow of the fight as each artist tried to maim the other’s character and put on a good show for the bloodthirsty audience!

“tellyhead vs. electrobob” [p/shop, wacom. july 2009]

this next one was a challenge set as homework for all fightclub members. “pick a fight, and lose!”

rather than fighting against another real artist, we could pick any character from fiction and lose a fight to them. i decided to use the rather fab calvin & hobbes by bill watterson. i adore these characters, so wanted to use watterson’s style and calvin’s perspective on the world as the backdrop for my fight.

ideally, you should click the image to see it full size, and read it panel-by-panel…




December 8, 2011

let the bodies hit the floor…

sacrifice [photoshop + wacom. 2009/11 ]

this is an image i did a few years back, for a challenge called ‘sacrifice’.  it was a little washed out, so i have fiddled with it somewhat, mainly pushing the high/lowlights to give a stronger 3D form to the whole piece.

the scene i had in my head at the time was from an old slaine comicstrip [pre-bisley], in which slaine stood atop a mountain of corpses. i don’t remember if i had the reference in front of me at the time, although i suspect not. but that image of whole swathes of cadavers creating their own landscape has stayed with me for many years.

really want to try drawing this again..


the snowman

November 29, 2011

this guy is ready for winter…

the man from hoth [cs5 +bamboo.  1 ½ hour. 28 nov 2011]

i was totally ready to quit this my sketch-a-day challenge today, cos i discovered i got my deadlines wrong for my final uni project. combine that with work, and all the other projects i’m juggling – i feel quite smothered by it all. and to be honest, i can do without the extra unnecessary pressure that this challenge brings. but common sense has never prevailed within my grey matter, so onward i go…

day 7!


a honey bear

November 27, 2011

i have lost count of the number of times people have asked me to draw something nice – as opposed to zombies, monsters and dead things. so here you are: a lovely warm drawing of a fuzzywuzzy teddy bear.

…a teddy bear, who’s name also means fecal matter!

winnie-the-shit [cs5 +bamboo. 45 mins. 27 nov 2011]

sketch-a-day: day motherfeckin six

today, when i looked at the gargoyle that i drew yesterday, i realised how little attention i’d  paid to the direction of light and the various highlights/shadows which should be produced. so in an attempt to remind myself of this lesson, i decided to do a still life.

after some rooting around, i found pooh bear and thought he’d make a good subject matter. but please don’t be fooled into thinking my workspace is littered with cute fluffyness. this particular bear was in a box of stuffed toys which are earmarked to be surgically altered during a future project!

i think i’ve only ever used disney imagery once before..

i bought a print in a charity shop [for 1quid!]. it featured tigger bouncing along, doing his thing. i ‘altered’ it slightly. the picture now hangs in the bathroom of a friends house ❤

so whaddya reckon tomorrow, more cuteness?