November 1, 2012

this is a piece from a project i’ve been doing for Speke Hall, which is a National Trust property here in Liverpool.

their halloween event this year was a ‘zombie infestation‘ and i was brought on board to provide some appropriate props to go inside the house. i worked with a friend, dickie maroo, and we created a number of pieces ranging from dismembered torsos to smaller items like this decapitated head. i will post more photos when i get them.

check out the video footage of this prop..

the life model that was used for this build is a lovely fella named Stuart Davies, who actually works at Speke Hall too!

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!


in the last few days i’ve made hundreds of zombies…

i mentioned a short while ago [link] that i was part of the make-up team for 2.8 hours later in liverpool.

well, these are a couple of my photos of the infected…

i was mainly on blood duty for the duration, splattering copious amounts of the red stuff onto the zombie population.  but i also spent some time doing the base make-up, giving these guys the death-like pallor that makes them look so, well… dead!

on top of prepping all of the zombies who were loose on the streets, we also got to zombify all of the survivors who didn’t survive. across the 4 days, i reckon we must created well over 500 zombies, possibly creeping up to the 1000 mark!

this is our core team of artists, with one of the game directors [photo credit here]

starting bottom left [then going clockwise] the team are: natalie levey, ruth parry, simon [centre], lucy maude, and myself  on the bottom right. also part of the team [but not pictured] were helen quinn, bobbie mckeown, and amber shorrock.

and this is a close up of natalie..

but this next shot is probably the scariest photo i have from the entire event!

the company behind it all, slingshot, are a fantastic group to work with, and they have a real focus on giving those taking part a great experience.

if the infection comes to your city – do not evacuate too soon or you might miss out on all the fun!


2.8 hours later

April 25, 2012

incase you didn’t know, the zombies are coming…

the zombie chase game 2.8 hours later will be in liverpool on the 16th – 21st may. find them on facebook [link]

btw, this is not advertising – i am actually a part of their apocalypse.

you see, i’m on the make-up team for the event so will be responsible for helping get these flesheaters out onto the streets so they can help wipe out all you breathers!

i’ll see you on the other side!


hello zombie kitty

December 18, 2011

my first ever zombie related post to this blog was to show you a zombified hello kitty, that i’d painted for a friends birthday [link]. and since then it’s been the 2nd most popular search that’s directed traffic here..

so, i figured if people want to see zombie hello kitties, then it’s only good manners that i should oblige…

hello 28 kitties later! [acrylic on A3 canvas. dec 2011]


hello romero’s kitty! [acrylic on A3 canvas. dec 2011]


hello groovy kitty! [acrylic on A3 canvas. dec 2011]

i simply set out to paint 3 horror themed kitties. but as i sketched them onto the canvas, they started to take on their on their own personalities. blue, being that aggressive infected zombietype. green is romero’s modern zombie, all foetid and icky. and obviously pinky is everyones favourite hero, ash, as he prepares to go into the cellar.

dead by dawn!” 

brainzzz or GTFO!!!



December 8, 2011

let the bodies hit the floor…

sacrifice [photoshop + wacom. 2009/11 ]

this is an image i did a few years back, for a challenge called ‘sacrifice’.  it was a little washed out, so i have fiddled with it somewhat, mainly pushing the high/lowlights to give a stronger 3D form to the whole piece.

the scene i had in my head at the time was from an old slaine comicstrip [pre-bisley], in which slaine stood atop a mountain of corpses. i don’t remember if i had the reference in front of me at the time, although i suspect not. but that image of whole swathes of cadavers creating their own landscape has stayed with me for many years.

really want to try drawing this again..


recently, i’ve been seeing a lot of bucket lists. spotted a few of these 40-before-40 style lists toonext year, a friend of mine is using a diary to prompt her actions in daily life. also, my fingers’ new found fame has led to a few conversations regarding personal ambition.

all these things have got me thinking more and more about the eventfulness of my own life..

possibly more than anything else, this amanda palmer song has put me in such a reflective mood.  to me the song is about how you see yourself at different times in your life.

these lyrics of the last verse resonated with me:

And it’s funny how I imagined
That I could win this win-less fight
Maybe it isn’t all that funny
That I’ve been fighting all my life
But maybe I have to think it’s funny
If I want to live before I die
And maybe it’s funniest of all
To think I’ll die before I actually see
That I am exactly the person that I want to be
Fuck yes.

find more of amanda fucking palmer‘s music here.


i’ve compiled my own list of things that i think would be quite interesting to check off before i croak, follow this little link here…




October 19, 2011

whaddya think of my new moneybox?

amongst the random things i got for my birthday were a paint-your-own stegasaurus moneybox,  and some kids air-drying plasticine [thanks again to party and face respectively!]

as soon as i saw that lil’ dinosaur i knew he was gonna get butchered. taken me a few months to get round to it, but ive eventually got it sorted. this is what i think is best described as a ‘jason freeny on-the-cheap‘.  [mr. freeny does things like this incase you dont know who he is.]

actually this was a very quick project. i spent more time cutting the blighter up [badly], than making his calcium deficient innards. it is certainly not anatomically correct – but then it was always more of an experimentation in freenyness than a musuem candidate. [hmm, that sounds like im making an excuse.] if im honest, technical accuracy has never been something i like encroaching on my work.

and that last admission makes me sound a bit slapdash and lazy – which is not really the case. [that, right there, was a lie too.] it’s more to do with my terrible attention span – if a project isnt finished within a few sittings then it get relegated to the unfinished pile and is never seen again. indeed, i was moaning about that recently [moan].

so, using the silly notion that a person can change and improve themselves, i have been working on a painting which i would have normally ditched ages ago. it still isnt finished, but i have been persisting even when my heart is not in it.

so i will get it done soon.


[fyi. the painting in question is a zombie pin-up girl!]