March 10, 2012

i’ve been digging around in my pile of old work again, and pulled out this little monster!  it is a story about how literature can inspire us..

“cybersaurus – ancestors”  [2008]

this was a 1st year uni project in my animation module.  it could certainly do with a little polish, but given that i’d never done stop-motion before and that i was new to editing, it ain’t half bad! enjoy 😀



run rex run

November 30, 2011

sketch-a-day #8.

i spent a whole 15 minutes on this y’know?

run rex run [cs5 +wacom.  15 mins. 29 nov 2011]


the great feast

November 25, 2011

i have a few friends who are a bit good with words. so for thanksgiving they had a writing challenge using the theme ‘feast’.

my contribution to the task was an illustration for one of the stories [which will make more sense if you read it!]

each writer has utilised the theme in quite a different manner, and i’m pleased to report  they are all beautifully dark in nature. if you enjoy my art, there is a good chance you will enjoy these tales!

please check out the great feast story challenge

happy thanksgiving to all my american friends! ❤


october retrospective

November 3, 2011

in the aftermath of october, i feel a bit drained…

and it’s not because i went into zombie overload. quite the opposite actually. i’ve been keeping my head down and trying to get my work done.  reading, and research, and thinking, and presentations [well, one presentation]. not nearly enough creativity amongst that list for my liking.

to be honest, there’s not much to see in this months diary..

[acrylic on A3 canvas. painted 01 oct – 03 nov 2011]

ok, so there have been a few happenings that were worth noting, but i painted some events deliberately BIG to take up more space. [that smacks of so much cheating and apathy that im quite disappointed with myself..]

anyway. i had a few ‘firsts’ this month, so i shall briefly mention them..

1. i saw a band ive never seen before, but have loved for ages! it made me realise how much i miss seeing a good live band. that same night was also my first-time beeing a schmexy bumblebeeee 😉

2. i took my son out clubbing for the first time [check us at 2:18 here ]. this was also his first time seeing a DJ live.

3. i got called, ‘travis bickle’ …though this only happened once!

4. i read my first max brooks book [world war Z]. i was genuinely surprised by how good it is!


y’know, i want to be straight about this month’s painting – i not really that fond of it. there are lots of sections that are very underdeveloped, and it just doesnt seem to gel together. there is something else too which is bugging me about it, but i just cant quite nail down at the minute…

anyway, it’s on the wall now with the other 7 now. 

i suspect that if the concept behind them wasnt so self absorbed, i be proud to say that they make quite a nice wee collection. but instead im a little embarrased at being so focussed on myself  :/


October 28, 2011

i was getting annoyed at the fact that my most recent post concerned the f***book incident. so i went in search of something a bit more interesting that you folk may not have seen yet.

i found a dinosaur 😀

“A is for…”  [photoshop+wacom. 30 may 2009]

fab!’  i thought, when i found the dinosaur.  but then i remembered that the last post i made to this blog before being deactivated on that other website was also about a dinosaur…

AND this particular dinosaur is embracing lady liberty. liberty – which i associate with freedom of speech and all that other rubbish …which leads my thoughts straight back to zuckerberg’s doorstep.

ah well, maybe my mind will drift to new territories soon with the onset of halloween..

incidentally, the picture is titled, ‘A is for…’ because it was painted for an imagineFX forum challenge entitled, ‘A is for…’  y’know, some days my originality knows no limits. some days. clearly 30th may 2009 was not one of them days.

is anyone willing to speculate on what A may stand for?



October 19, 2011

whaddya think of my new moneybox?

amongst the random things i got for my birthday were a paint-your-own stegasaurus moneybox,  and some kids air-drying plasticine [thanks again to party and face respectively!]

as soon as i saw that lil’ dinosaur i knew he was gonna get butchered. taken me a few months to get round to it, but ive eventually got it sorted. this is what i think is best described as a ‘jason freeny on-the-cheap‘.  [mr. freeny does things like this incase you dont know who he is.]

actually this was a very quick project. i spent more time cutting the blighter up [badly], than making his calcium deficient innards. it is certainly not anatomically correct – but then it was always more of an experimentation in freenyness than a musuem candidate. [hmm, that sounds like im making an excuse.] if im honest, technical accuracy has never been something i like encroaching on my work.

and that last admission makes me sound a bit slapdash and lazy – which is not really the case. [that, right there, was a lie too.] it’s more to do with my terrible attention span – if a project isnt finished within a few sittings then it get relegated to the unfinished pile and is never seen again. indeed, i was moaning about that recently [moan].

so, using the silly notion that a person can change and improve themselves, i have been working on a painting which i would have normally ditched ages ago. it still isnt finished, but i have been persisting even when my heart is not in it.

so i will get it done soon.


[fyi. the painting in question is a zombie pin-up girl!]