building a brainchild

March 17, 2012

most of you will be familiar with the brainchild project i am working on..

this is a sketch for a friend who made the request, “draw a bisected head, with a foetus for a brain.”

i was so taken by this idea that i used the theme for my major university project, which has involved me physically constructing a decapitated head with a baby inside of the cranium. i am also creating additional digital and printed media to tell the backstory of this curious artefact, as if it were once part of a carnival sideshow attraction!

the drawing request was made by my friend, rachel, who has a cheery and inspirational wordpress blog. it’s called adventures on the brightside and follows her exploits during the year as dictated by a new diary she has. [actually, that could be the plot for a romcom or a horror novel, depending on the personality of the actual diary!] so please, go check it out… [link]

anyway, because the brainchild was her idea, i felt it only fitting that the head should also be hers! so have a nosey at this progress video showing what my creation currently looks like!

you can read about the construction process and the rest of the project at my other blog:
cerebrum filios: children of the brain



tenmen versus the zombie

January 21, 2012

this blog has been relatively dormant this month, this is due to the fact that my time has been completely devoted to my uni work. i am in the final few weeks of my BIG 3rd year project, so please bear with me. i shall link up some of the more interesting things over the next month or so.


in a few of my previous posts i told you about some paintings i had done as presents to friends. well, the fourth [and final] one has been delivered to it’s recipient so i can reveal it to you too…

this one was done for a musician/dj friend of mine who is known to everyone as tenmen.

tenmen versus the zombie” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

have you spotted the theme in this one yet..  there’s a flesh-eating zombie, and how many men??

so now that i’ve handed them all out, i can also show you what they look like when placed together…

reflecting on this little series of work, i want to say something like, ‘these four things are completely individual yet are intrinsically linked to one other.  and, when they come together – they form a much larger beast.’

but that is too much of an arty statement for my tastes.

plus i’m actually talking about my friends, not the paintings!


a bigger boat

January 3, 2012

allow me to reveal another of the paintings created for my friends…

it probably wont be obvious from these single posts, but when these canvasses are placed together they make up a larger cross-shaped image. if you glance back over the previous 2, they are on the top, and this one would be situated down below to the left… you see what i mean?

what can i tell you about the new owner of this painting…? well, he is the comrade who went with me to the tattoo parlour when i got my fingers defaced. he goes by the very much deserved nickname of ‘party!‘  a man who should need no further introduction, because after all, “there is only one neal martin!”  

a bigger boat” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

this painting is about a joke which me and neal shared over a year ago.  poor nemo wasn’t even involved, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. and that swimmer has escaped from somewhere else…

out of these four friends, neal is the only one who i haven’t collaborated on a painting with. i shall have to rectify this soon.


zombie penguin

December 31, 2011

this is the second painting in a series of four that i created for some of my friends.

the new owner is a fabulous artist i am fortunate enough to know called india rex. yes, that is her really real name! she can be sometimes be found on the interweb under the guise of indisaurus rex. we have plans to do some creative stuff together in the coming months [which i am incredibly excited about!]

actually, we have already done 1 painting together many moons ago – which i shall endeavour to locate a photo of, and upload. but for now enjoy this lil’ baby…

zombie penguin” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

the significance of the painting…? well, im a zombie and she’s a penguin. obviously. although, it’s not quite that simple. there are human suits, and unicorns involved too. but let’s not get into all that right now, k.

but, if at any time you happen to spot a penguin within my paintings, this is a direct reference to indi!


the godfather

December 31, 2011

i’ve made zero posts to this blog for a fortnight. but what with christmas, writing essays, uni coursework and the daily grind,  i have still been quite a busy little [zom]bee.  i have also just finished a series of 4 paintings.

go team zombieking!

these paintings were made for my closest friends here in liverpool, and each one is very specific to the person it was created for.  i had considered giving them as christmas gifts, but i felt that would have been just a little too narcissistic on my part.

the first painting i will show you, is for a musician friend of mine called rhamy. he’s already been mentioned on my blog once before when we did a painting together. [link]

a drink you can’t refuse” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

you may be able to tell, i have a movies/alcohol/zombies-type connection with him!