2.8 hours later

April 25, 2012

incase you didn’t know, the zombies are coming…

the zombie chase game 2.8 hours later will be in liverpool on the 16th – 21st may. find them on facebook [link]

btw, this is not advertising – i am actually a part of their apocalypse.

you see, i’m on the make-up team for the event so will be responsible for helping get these flesheaters out onto the streets so they can help wipe out all you breathers!

i’ll see you on the other side!



normally these paintings feature a couple of my artistic endeavours that i have blogged about during the month, but this month i have posted about virtually every event on the painting.

this means two things – one: that i have been very focussed on my artworks. and two: i currently have no social life :/

august was the culmination of about 3 months work getting my educational life back on track [the final project of which was the alice portraits.]  inorder to achieve this i’ve slowly cut myself of from people and the distractions that they bring. but now that im done, i find it’s rather difficult to return into those circles. tis indeed a curious situation to tackle!

the most socialable thing i did last month was to participate in a zombie walk – my own little gang of undead buddies are featured in the painting. i got oodles of fab photos on the day too, the best of which i’d posted already here. a few days later, riots took place and liverpool burned.  the official line is that the events were unrelated.  pffft!

in these paintings, there have been a number of continuing threads concerning people and events [which are more than simply the graphic tools i use to track certain things]. and after a 5 month stretch [since i started the paintings], one of these has came to an end. deadmau5 is no longer. there hasn’t been a single dead mouse in the house. i havent even seen a living one either. i can only assume they’re avoiding the place after hearing rumours about the cryptozoological project i have planned  ;]

im happy to report that i picked up a new skill this month – and it was a direct result of these paintings! i learned ‘sign language numbers’. i always track the dates of the month on the sides of the paintings, and was looking for new ways to record it. a fellow blogger [murphysrun] suggested ‘sign language’. ”fab idea,” i thought. but using all my powers of google-fu i was unable to find a drawn record of numbers 1-31, so i had to learn it and then figure out how to paint it myself. 1 through 5 were the easiest!

this month im using morse code [which i just know will be handy during the many apocalypse scenarios that i will be faced with in the coming years]. date tracking  suggestions for future months anyone..?

chris z


liverpool zombie walk

August 31, 2011

the pic below is a friend of mine, francine blundell. she is organising a zombie charity walk [in liverpool on the 23rd october] in aid of SEPSIS.  there will be live bands playing before the walk begins too – so it’s looking to be a fab day of blood drenched fun.  full details of the event and how to sign up are in the facebook group here

the portrait seen here is a photo manipulation, based on a shot that fran provided.  ive always steered clear of photo manips, cos i felt that they’re cheating. my belief being that an artist should be able to either draw from scratch, or you take a photo that only requires minimal editing. so this image is actually one of the few times ive painted over a picture.

and this is the poster…


you’ve got red on you

August 6, 2011

5th august 2011, that was the day when the zombies walked amongst us…

[zombies l-r: matt groves, natalie levey]

ive tried and failed to get to a zombie walk for years, but a few days in liverpool it came to pass. and im happy to say i was  fully armed for the occasion – with a camera. i got a couple of hundred photos and i was even happy with a good 50+ which isnt too bad!

[zombies l-r: natalie levey, janine grafflin, matt groves]

these photos would suggest it was quite a small apocalypse, but infact there were around 70 of the undead at this gathering! however, i failed to get any good pics of the horde en masse. even though i took a bunch of photos that i was happy with, these  3 images in this post are probably my favourites.

not only are they decent shots, the images also have so much narrative in them. but i’d say the credit must first and foremost go to the fab models used – my lovely friends  janine, matt, and natalie. thank you folks ❤

[zombie daydreamer: natalie levey]

brainzzz or GTFO!


quintilis mensis

August 1, 2011

i have tracked my life for 5 months now. one hundred and fifty three days. my short-to-long term memory has truly faltered, and there are days [even weeks] which i have no recollection of.

yet, when i look over my old diary paintings and i am reminded of the tiniest detail from a weekend 3 months ago.. and slowly all the events surrounding it trickle back too. should i be so surprised by this? i mean, i do refer to them as ‘diary’ paintings – what else are they if not graphical memory triggers?

[markers /acrylic on A3 canvas. 01july – 1 august 2011]

july has been a subdued month for me. i have had to put life on hold, in order to prioritise my studies. that isnt to say the month has been uneventful –  it has certainly included it’s fair share of unexpected occurances: including flying mushrooms, parlour games, and maggots […far too many maggots!!]

i havent painted much into this month’s canvas – there are very few trivial details filling up the frame, although most if not all of the major events have been captured.  i find it interesting how the colour scheme is more uniform than ever before.. this was certainly an unconscious act, but to me it is very telling. i read the overall painting as being ’emotionally tired’, but i suppose inspecting the multitude of smileys could lead one to that very same conclusion..?

however, the one moment of vibrancy pictured [a day in the park] comes right at the very end of the month.. so lets hope the positive vibes keep flowing and ebb their way into august 🙂