all over the interweb

April 25, 2012

anyone on facebook…?

i just started a facebook page up a few days ago – come find me and say hi! [link]

i also have a tumblr [link] but i haven’t really got the hang of that yet!




July 29, 2011

on occasion, i can become overly sentimental with material possessions. i had a particular pair of converse that held more than their fair share of nostalgia. when i did the sketch below [way back in jan 2009], i titled it “the shoes i got married in”

however, like most of my clothes, i wore them until they were dropping to pieces. but i eventually threw them out [in sept 2010] and by that point, the image had been given a completely new title…

“the shoes that outlived love”  [ps2, wacom. jan 2009]

chris z


the men of my dreams

April 25, 2011

i was looking through my old portfolio an came across a series of digital sketches i did back in jan 2009.  i had intended to keep this as a blog of current work, but im particuarly fond of this series of painting..

tim curry as pennywise the clown

heath ledger as the joker

sid haig as captain spaulding

krusty the clown

[all of the above:  photoshop/wacom graphire. jan 2009]

digital to analogue

April 18, 2011

ive tried to paint a digital version of an existing traditional painting before,  to see how well the digital medium can replicate the look.. but id never tried it the other way round until now.

this zombie portrait is a quick painting (2 hr) of a digital sketch (30 mins) originally painted in jan 2010. although i must say i was going more for atmosphere than accuracy in this copy!

[markers /acrylic on A3 canvas. 31 march 2011]

the original can be found on my old portfolio website, in the artwork/sketches section. its the penultimate painting in that little gallery.

actually i hadnt look at that site for sometime.. its still got some interesing work on it. i’ll have to do someting with it – at least update the home page if nothing else!


addendum [5 oct 2011]

this is the original digital sketch the above painting is based on..