zombie finger virus goes viral

October 4, 2011

it seems one or two people quite liked my tattoo!

i got a few hits following my last post, but it was this gif put together by al locke [thanks al] that really got the attention. i sent the gif to my blue-haired friend, kitty, to see if she wanted to put it on her tumblr? she did…

4 hours later, the post had 14,500 notes [likes and reblogs, not just views]. after 24hours it had over 28k notes. and as i type this, it sits at 50,467 notes. wow! [here is the original post with the current note count]

however, there is one problem with finger tattoos…

they dont last. 


i was advised this was the case before i had mine done, but i wanted it regardless.  i took a photo everyday for the first few days to record how it would fare….

as you can see, after only 4 days the colouring had started to grow out and disperse. by the 9th day the outlines are heavily faded and the colouring has all but gone from my fingertips. this fading had nothing to do with poor aftercare or any fault of the tattoo process either – adam [of 13ink tattoo] told me during my consultation that ‘finger tattoos are painful and they don’t last‘. it’s also possible that i will be left with remnants of ink which do not grow out/disperse.

and this is a shot of my digits as they stand just now – 17 days later…

13ink tattoo are one of the best studios in liverpool and i will definitely be going to see adam there for my next tattoo.

[+ADDED 27 april 2012]

since doing my fingers, adam G has moved studios. he is now based at the tattoo boutique [liverpool, uk]. it is a new studio but it houses some fantastic talent. track them down on facebook [link]

please checkout adam’s new facebook page too [link]



10 Responses to “zombie finger virus goes viral”

  1. Al Locke Says:

    awww man I’m gutted to see it go so fast, it didn’t last at all!

    • im gutted too tbh, but i knew it was gonna happen.
      worst part is when people dont actually believe it was a tattoo – i cant even show them anything other than some remenants of ink to prove to them it was the real deal. lol

  2. […] El dedo zombie se vuelve viral (Humor) [ENG]   brainzzzorgtfo.wordpress.com/2011/10/04/viral-virus/  por danicafe hace nada […]

  3. Alan Perry Says:

    There’s something kinda cool about the fact that it fades away so quickly though..

  4. […] I just, I mean, ow. My tattoo hurt like the dickens and it is an outline. And then I found out the finger tattoos don’t last! All that pain, all that awesomeness, and it fades. That is some dedication to zombies, so Mom, […]

  5. This is so epic. I admire your dedication to the art, I’d imagine that was quite a bit of pain for a ‘temporary’ tattoo. The photos are awesome though!

    • ah thanks man! lol, the pain:duration ratio didn’t quite add up, but i’d get it done again if the situation was right!

      i have yet to get reading your work, but have it on my reading list when i have more time into the new year. will be sure to let you know what i think.

  6. Georgina Says:

    Aw man this made me a little sad. 😦 But I adore your tattoo and it was good while it lasted, I’m sure! I guess it wouldn’t be worth the money but I’m thinking of getting finger tattoos myself, but I think that’s a good thing for me as I’m so indecisive. 😛
    Good luck if you decide on more finger tattoos!

    • aw thanks, i really miss not having it y’know! so much that i have just got a tattoo of drawing of my finger tattoo [if that makes sense?] i only had it inked today, so will be posting pictures tomorrow 😀

      some places on the fingers can last, but the tips mostly grow out. my fingers still look identical to that pic above from 17 days after it was done. so there’s no guarantee that they grow out clean either. i guess it depends what it means to you in the longrun, as with any tattoo.
      please link me up if you do get some work done 🙂

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