bucket lists.

i like the idea of them, but i don’t have the type of ambitious or enthusiastic drive to push me towards making certain events occur in my life. [which is not to say i’m drowning in ennui – but rather that i’m doing my best to enjoy life’s tragic journey without considering my position on the map.]

also, i believe that there is more to a person’s life than simply a record of amazing achievements – i like the bad stuff too. so i have compiled a list of things that, IF they occur across the duration of my time on this rock, then i can say, “i’ve had quite an interesting life!”

broken into a few categories, this is my ongoing history of life events. i can only speculate about what may happen after the mob decapitates my twitching cadaver and burn the pieces in separate graves

this is my ‘BEFORE THE AFTERLIFE’ list…

  • get a: tattoo/ piercing/ body modification
  • get arrested
  • work with/for my personal heroes & icons
  • leap from a moving train
  • leap from a vehicle in flight [doesn’t have to be a vehicle which is designed to fly]
  • create artwork for: book/ movie/ rpg/ music releasetattoot-shirtcomputer gameclub night
  • get tattooed by lexxi
  • quitting a job on the spot
  • be hospitalised [please, nobody ‘help’ me do this!]
  • be on the cover of: bizarre, imagineFX, juxtapoz
  • survive an earthquake unharmed
  • take up residency in a disused childrens home
  • live in a non-english speaking country
  • save the cheerleader
  • save the world
  • exhibit my artwork in a gallery
  • be declared mental
  • host a parasite
  • sell my soul (for a fizzy cola bottle, in the school playground when i was about 6!)
  • receive tribute from a serial killer
  • publish a book
  • eat human flesh/organs [preferably cooked]
  • get bitten by: radioactive spider/sumatran ratmonkey/ vampire/ werewolf
LOVE & BIOLOGY […roughly in chronological order!]
  • create progeny
  • marry/divorce a brunette
  • break a heart
  • marry a ginger
  • have my heart broken
  • divorce a ginger
  • believe in love again…
  • marry/divorce a blonde
  • capture the hearts of any/all of the following: amanda palmer, bjork, brody dalle, fiona apple, helena bonham carter, pj harvey, shirley manson, and zombina. [i’m not fussy whether this is accomplished romantically or by using surgery!]
  • be declared clinically dead, THEN get back up. [i’m thinking a ‘flatliners’ style experience is more likely than the whole zombie thing though! ]
  • full organ & tissue donor [rachel can have my eyes]
  • zombie funeral?!
  • have my mortal remains turned into graphite, then made into pencils. 2B and 6B if possible? and it would be exceptionally brilliant if a few of these pencils could be sent to dalton ghetti.
i will update this list as-and-when relevant occurrences occur. unless, by admitting to them, i will get arrested. although, that would be another one ticked off!
suggestions for additional entries welcome..

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