zombie penguin

December 31, 2011

this is the second painting in a series of four that i created for some of my friends.

the new owner is a fabulous artist i am fortunate enough to know called india rex. yes, that is her really real name! she can be sometimes be found on the interweb under the guise of indisaurus rex. we have plans to do some creative stuff together in the coming months [which i am incredibly excited about!]

actually, we have already done 1 painting together many moons ago – which i shall endeavour to locate a photo of, and upload. but for now enjoy this lil’ baby…

zombie penguin” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

the significance of the painting…? well, im a zombie and she’s a penguin. obviously. although, it’s not quite that simple. there are human suits, and unicorns involved too. but let’s not get into all that right now, k.

but, if at any time you happen to spot a penguin within my paintings, this is a direct reference to indi!



the month started out very quiet and sombre – but then it went buck mad..

[acrylic on A3 canvas. 01 – 30 september 2011]

the theme of my summer/autumn has been introspection – which inevitably leads to transition. september saw the solidifying of a number of these changes, which in turn led to me addressing a number of issues which i’ve been avoiding for some time – particuarly surrounding my health.  i also have been far more aware of my outward projection of self. although in plainer terms, this reflection could also be described as a ‘midlife crisis’ – but that all depends on your perspective i guess.  [i suspect my son hitting his 18th birthday had some bearing on this thinking!]

i have had the pleasure of unexpectedly spending snippets of time with a few lovely folk who i so rarely see – several faeries, 2 girls with ‘a hat on their A’, a [kanga]roo, mr.ooslaa, 2 zombie schoolgirls, a spider-panda, and a foreign peddler of glinkles. it is connections like these which remind me that no matter how misanthropic i feel, there will always be those who i would miss should my plans of human genocide ever come to fruition. [although given the nature of the cull, aforementioned schoolgirls would be safe]

uni resumed, and i am now in the 3rd and final year of my degree. ‘oh hello no more free time!’

and i also got a tattoo last month, but ive said enough about that already  …for now

achievements this month:
new skill : morse code numerals
books read : 1 [kafka on the shore – murakami]


on the buses

September 3, 2011

i wrote a while ago about the drawings i do whilst stuck on a coach for hours[here].  i was reminded about one of these a few days ago, so thought i’d post up my favourites..

first up is a drawing i did for a fellow wordpresser amy. she requested i draw her a zombie hippy. although the sketch caption is a gag, im sad to say that the joke is not my own, i stole it from an image i saw on the interweb some time ago

zombie hippy” [markers on paper. 28 dec 2010]

this next one was for triff [who has been involved in some rather interesting digital projects, and is a pretty fab photographer too – so have a look at his site if you have time!] his sketch request was nothing if not bizarre..  read the title and contemplate the situation [and yes, i am aware of the spelling mistake in the drawing].

an inside out cow giving birth”  [markers on paper. 28 dec 2010]

last up is a sketch that my memory tells me was requested by my mate, micah. but it seems utterly improbable that i could have drawn a penguin without some influence from my good friend india

robot penguin”  [bic biro & marker on paper. 24 oct 2010]

im particuarly fond of this last sketch – not just for the reason that penguins are übercool, but because it has a extra layer of narrative to it. look again…

ceci n’est pas une robot penguin. indeed, it is not a robot penguin… it is a penguin pretending to be a robot!  😀



July 2, 2011

its hard to know what to say about this painting…

[markers /acrylic on A3 canvas. 01june – 02july 2011]

this has probably been the worst/hardest month ive had to deal with for years.  granted there have been moments  of loveliness, and i attrbute that entirely to my friends [new and old]. so i guess for now the memories stay on the canvas rather than being aired on the interweb

the one thing i have learned this month though… never trust a rabbit!

chris zombieking x


making a paintbaby

June 18, 2011

until a few months ago, i’d never done any collaborative painting or drawin work – but ive been making a real effort to get a canvas out with artistic [and non-artistic] friends to see what occurs.  its a very interestin dynamic to see who is the more dominant, and how willing/unwilling each party is participant is to work over or adapt the others efforts.

this painting is the result of just such a session with my close friend Rhamy…

[acrylic & marker on 12″ canvas. 17/06/2011. painted with rhamy zakhari]

the only dilemna involved in this type of thing is that when you produce something together, is who gets to keep it…?  who gets the baby? so far, ive been using a system of joint ownership and visitation rights. theres one picture i did with a friend in april thats been passed back an forth a couple of times.

but im getting to the stage now that i have no wall space left so i reckon that these offspring are best stayin with their other creators for a while. id quite like to gather them all up in a year or two and see how they look as a collective tribe!


a few posts back, i showed you my ‘to-do list/diary’ painting for march. well, i just put the finishing touches to the april painting so wanted to share it too.

[markers /acrylic on A3 canvas. 01april – 13may 2011]

this is not going to be the 365day project that i’d hoped, i just don’t have the time, the motivation or indeed the lifestyle to consistently create artwork on a daily basis. it’s even taken me a fortnight to catch up and get the last few bits of ‘april’ finished off. im workin on the may painting now, and its not too far behind schedule lol.

365 aside, these paintings are monthly creations. and i fully intend to last out the year. although life is getting busier all the time, so i may have to rethink my approach.. but being able to see how my techniques do adapt (or not)  will be one of the interesting things to see upon completing this project too.

having already tracked 70+ days its  fascinating to see the ebb and flow of my mental state and how it’s been  influenced by the chaos around me. i remember birthdays a lot more often too!

funtimes 😀