May 13, 2011

when i travel to see my family i usually end up stuck on a coach for a good 6 or 7 hours with nothing to do but read or sleep. however when I travelled at christmas i forgot my book. thankfully i did have my sketchbook, but nothing that could be described as inspiration. so i hit up facebook and asked “who wants a drawing??

quite a trial by fire that was – trying to incorporate some of the most random suggestions and ideas into a decent sketch whilst hurtling up the motorway on a very bumpy coach. there was something incredibly fun about the interaction with my friends and the personal artistic challenge in that odd situation/environment. in the nicest sense, i couldn’t wait to go home so i could do it again on the return journey! my favourite sketch from those 2 sessions was: ‘an inside-out cow giving birth’


at the tail end of april i was to be travelling again, so i made sure i had my sketchbook handy for round 2. i drew zombie cupcakes, frogs on a burning tree-heart, even the cast of nightbreed. but the absolute best suggestion and resulting drawing came from a new friend, rach. She told me that her suggestion was an idea she’d had in her head for some time. i was amazed that i haven’t seen it used in artworks before, cos its such beautiful concept…

bisected head with a foetus for a brain

draw me a bisected head with a foetus for a brain…” rachel brockley

[pencil, black ink on paper.29 april 2011]

just think about this idea for a while: a foetus for a brain. there are so many directions my mind spins off at this point… true birth lineage / parasites / the unconscious mind / evolution / twins!! …and what of zombies? i bet that brainbaby is really crunchy 😀 om nom nom!

there was one detail that rach had always imagined, but never mentioned to me. curiously though, i ended up adding it whilst i was drawing, as it seemed like such a natural biological feature – the umbilical cord attaches to the brain stem.

that moment of shared creativity when you have the exact same idea as somebody else is just priceless.  although, i suspect copyright lawyers may not share my perspective…

ADDENDUM [added 26 may 2011]

as i said, i was surprised not to have seen this idea used in artworks before so ive been looking around since. the closest thing i can find is an image used by the band tool:



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