the godfather

December 31, 2011

i’ve made zero posts to this blog for a fortnight. but what with christmas, writing essays, uni coursework and the daily grind,  i have still been quite a busy little [zom]bee.  i have also just finished a series of 4 paintings.

go team zombieking!

these paintings were made for my closest friends here in liverpool, and each one is very specific to the person it was created for.  i had considered giving them as christmas gifts, but i felt that would have been just a little too narcissistic on my part.

the first painting i will show you, is for a musician friend of mine called rhamy. he’s already been mentioned on my blog once before when we did a painting together. [link]

a drink you can’t refuse” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

you may be able to tell, i have a movies/alcohol/zombies-type connection with him!



the children of the brain

December 5, 2011

a while ago i posted an anatomical drawing of a head that had been bisected open. but curiously, rather than having a brain inside – there was a foetus..

as i enter the final year of my degree, i am using this subject matter as a vehicle to investigate a few ideas.

i suspect theology, medicine, and artistic craftsmanship will all come into focus as i explore it in further depth. no doubt the roles of identity, personality, and user profiles will make appearances too as technology continues to overwhelm our physical place in this digital world.

i will record my journey of research and creation on another blog:

cerebrum filios: the children of the brain


please have a look from time-to-time. if any of my posts strike a chord, or relate to your own thoughts or ideas, then i would love to hear what you have to say.



bizarre fingers

November 17, 2011

have a look at this. bottom left corner…

yup. my fingers only went and got on the front cover of bizarre magazine.

the tagline reads:

tattoo trend sweeping the planet. FINGER TATTOOS!


well, that’s one achievement to write on the ol’ bucket list, just so i can cross it straight off! 😀

and obviously, cos it’s on the cover – it’s also inside the mag.

got a FULL PAGE too, didn’t it?!   megazombiexciteface


i’ve seen it on ebaumsworld, stumbleupon, and a stack of other sites and blogs. it’s sitting at 58k notes on tumblr now too. i’ve even seen an animation of the attack that somebody made using my original photos! but what can i say – the cover of bizarre tops them all. surely my lil’ tattoo cannot get any bigger.

i suspect the saga of the zombie finger tattoo will continue…


in the aftermath…

November 5, 2011

so halloween is over.

everyone’s had their fix of spooky for the year. the fake blood gets washed off. the pumpkins evaporate from display. life returns to normality… and attention is slowly turned to the next commercial invasion force – an army whose point man is a coke-addicted polar bear!

but im still here.

im still drawing eyeballs. still sketching dead things. still constructing things that may once have been alive [or yet may live 😀 ].

my zombie fingers tattoo may have faded, but it is etched into me far far deeper than my rotten cadaverous flesh..

[28 days after the initial finger infection]

so, i’m raising my flag to all the others out there who live daily with zombies in their life.

whether it’s a love of costumes and prosthetics; a taste for fake blood; a love of guns and gas masks; the zombie as a real phenomena; an insatiable thirst for the movies, books, and comics that make up a massive industry these days. maybe you have a particular passion for the zombie bands [oh how i love the bands!]. or maybe, like me, there’s a much deeper psychological association – one that’ll get you sectioned if anybody ever finds out the truth…

whatever your reason, i offer you a hi-five [which is no doubt missing a few digits]. i stand with you, shoulder-to-shoulder amongst the horde. and i will still be here when the phase passes and all the others have moved onto the next horror-themed fad [werewolves are making a resurgance, right?].

i leave you with a song that is close to my un-beating heart.  but please drop a comment an let me know what it is that floats your undead boat?  and, as we say around here:


follow these links for brilliant things:

music – zombina and the skeletones

fiction – dead crazy [jw manus]

science – zombie research society

social networking for the undead:

zombie fiend

zombies everywhere

zombies worldwide


wedding day blues

October 31, 2011

i was challenged to illustrate a picture for halloween. the theme, “a cannibal-faerie love story, featuring a duck.” 

please click the image to see it in all it’s hi-res loveliness

“wedding day blues”  [photoshop+wacom. 31 oct 2011]

the words are my own too, and read thus:

The Bride never could have imagined,
whilst vowing, “til death do us part.”
That by the end of the day…
she’d be holding the Groom’s un-beating heart.

there were a few other creative types taking part in this halloween challenge [however i was the only artist participating]. so take a trip over HERE  to read stories by kelly shew, marina bridgesjaye manus, and becky joy. enjoy!

kelly was the only other person foolish enough to use the theme “a cannibal-faerie love story, featuring a duck”, but did an amazing job with the premise. every time i see a dead duck i will be reminded of this bond we have 😉

also check out melissa on the undeveloped story, who also posted a halloween tale today, entitled ‘what the house knows’.

happy halloween guys and ghouls!

zombielove ❤


brains in your feet

October 15, 2011

when i go for a walk, i always get hungry…

btw, these are standard classic all-stars, the brainzzz are my own custom addition :]


it seems one or two people quite liked my tattoo!

i got a few hits following my last post, but it was this gif put together by al locke [thanks al] that really got the attention. i sent the gif to my blue-haired friend, kitty, to see if she wanted to put it on her tumblr? she did…

4 hours later, the post had 14,500 notes [likes and reblogs, not just views]. after 24hours it had over 28k notes. and as i type this, it sits at 50,467 notes. wow! [here is the original post with the current note count]

however, there is one problem with finger tattoos…

they dont last. 


i was advised this was the case before i had mine done, but i wanted it regardless.  i took a photo everyday for the first few days to record how it would fare….

as you can see, after only 4 days the colouring had started to grow out and disperse. by the 9th day the outlines are heavily faded and the colouring has all but gone from my fingertips. this fading had nothing to do with poor aftercare or any fault of the tattoo process either – adam [of 13ink tattoo] told me during my consultation that ‘finger tattoos are painful and they don’t last‘. it’s also possible that i will be left with remnants of ink which do not grow out/disperse.

and this is a shot of my digits as they stand just now – 17 days later…

13ink tattoo are one of the best studios in liverpool and i will definitely be going to see adam there for my next tattoo.

[+ADDED 27 april 2012]

since doing my fingers, adam G has moved studios. he is now based at the tattoo boutique [liverpool, uk]. it is a new studio but it houses some fantastic talent. track them down on facebook [link]

please checkout adam’s new facebook page too [link]