November 2, 2012

i’ve been reflecting on how quickly things have been coming together recently…

on the 11th August, i wrote a blog post [link] saying that i was getting back into the studio to do some drawing. specifically, i was busy revamping a very old sketch – this one infact:

  • the sketch was refined, the idea adjusted, redrawn and inked.
  • then it was scanned and cleaned up digitally.
  • from there is was emailed to the screen printers, and put onto t-shirts.
  • the t-shirts have made their way around the uk, and some have even left the country, going as far afield as ontario and california.
  • they’ve been photographed professionally using an alt. model, and one of these images is to be used in a magazine [that i love] to advertise my range of designs.
  • the t-shirts are currently available for sale in a couple of shops, and once my website is finished they’ll be available to buy online too.

so here we are now – less than 3 months later – we have moved from that sketch above, to this…

not too shabby, eh?


the children of the brain

December 5, 2011

a while ago i posted an anatomical drawing of a head that had been bisected open. but curiously, rather than having a brain inside – there was a foetus..

as i enter the final year of my degree, i am using this subject matter as a vehicle to investigate a few ideas.

i suspect theology, medicine, and artistic craftsmanship will all come into focus as i explore it in further depth. no doubt the roles of identity, personality, and user profiles will make appearances too as technology continues to overwhelm our physical place in this digital world.

i will record my journey of research and creation on another blog:

cerebrum filios: the children of the brain


please have a look from time-to-time. if any of my posts strike a chord, or relate to your own thoughts or ideas, then i would love to hear what you have to say.




November 26, 2011

this is a sketch of a childhood hero [villain to most]. his original name was keldor, but he changed it after losing his face to acid. poor fella..

[cs5 +bamboo. 1 hour. 25 nov 2011]

sadly when i cropped it, i’ve lost all the trappings which make him recognisable as the character that he is. though that’s a secondary quibble next to the fact that i’m not that happy with how it’s turned out anyway. the lighting, bone structure and cloth are all wrong. i really have to get into the habit of using reference material.

but i’m trying to do a sketch everyday. so i will still post ones that are below par, as i usually learn from my mistakes [artistically speaking of course – in life i am doomed to repeat the same stupid mistakes for all eternity]. indeed, a sketch-a-day challenge, is all about the journey. that motivated work ethic undoubtedly improves one’s skills, and it is a great way to build a body of work quickly.

my current timeline:

day 1 was that girl’s face two posts below this one.
day2, i did a couple of roughs for a future project [which are staying under wraps for now].
…and this is currently day 3.

the longest i have ever lasted is 23 days!

wish me luck, and suggest some topics for future drawing please!


a little victory

October 10, 2011

for a while i’ve been considering getting into the t-shirt business. but through a mixture of lack of time/ equipment/ finances/ et cetera this has not yet occurred. i’ve slowly been building up equipment and ideas.

however, in the last couple of weeks i have done a little practical experimentation using a stencil from the skull-a-day blog.

these 3 shirts are done using that stencil. [top right using bleach, and the other two with fabric paints].the stencil is available for free download here.

i wouldnt normally post this kind of experimenty work, but currently i’m in the midst of so many new and ongoing projects that i feel a terrible frustration that none of my endeavours will come to fruition for quite some time. so, to combat this demoralising outlook, i feel it necessary to highlight this little milestone achievement toward my longer term goal of ‘doing t-shirts’.

so please, forgive the self indulgent nature of this post, but in many ways this blog is more than an online presence to establish a niche/build an artistic reputation for myself. it is a diary and justification of my creative path. i started it back in march as an attempt to regain my creative focus which had been lost in recent years – and i’ve been surprised by just how well it has worked in that context. but as i say, in absence of something finished to show, i am celebrating the little victory that is the beginnings of a new road.

“no great thing is suddenly created” – epictetus