zombie finger attack

September 24, 2012

i found some photos of my zombie finger tattoo that i’d never shown to anyone before..

i really miss these guys ūüė•


finger hostage tattoo

April 27, 2012

“anyone move and the finger gets it!”

i get quite a few hits on my blog from people looking for the rather fantastic tattoo shown above. it is by a liverpool based artist known as Adam G.

this is not my tattoo, but i have posted it before – as it was adam who inked my ‘zombie finger attack!’

so if you are looking for somebody to stick needles into your fingertips i would recommend nobody else! he’s just got a new facebook account too, so please head over there and give him some love! [link]


one year later

March 2, 2012

right at the start of this blog, i began a series of paintings.

they were initially intended as an elaborate ‘to do‘ list, to make me more productive. but this very quickly became more of a dairy. used to record events and track my fluctuating mental states on a daily basis [i do have every day accounted for!]

february 2012 [acrylic on A3 canvas. 01 feb-01 march 2012]

it’s fascinating for me, to see the evolution of the paintings.. ¬†the first part of the year is vibrant and colourful. this gives way to a pastel¬†tranquillity. which quickly turns dark and chaotic. the subsequent months are a mix of subdued darkness and high contrast. i will get some decent photos of the whole collection!

it has been a very insightful and often¬†therapeutic process for me. i love to spot the themes and the people who have repeatedly cropped up. there are tiny details which spark memories of times forgotten too. and there are a few aspects of my life that i have tracked which tell me an awful lot about myself [mainly stuff i didn’t want to know!]

so now – 366 days later – the year cycle is complete.

but what next?

i have been concerned that if i start another painting, then i am committing myself to do this for another year… ¬†a whole ‘nother year!¬†believe me, that’s a long time when you’re just living day-to-day. but in many respects i feel like ive been telling somebody’s story – and it’s not quite finished yet – so i must continue.

maybe it will be necessary to record it for another few months? maybe i’ll be doing these for years to come? ¬†i guess we shall see…

so, i have put brush to canvas and started on the next one. for comparison, let me show you the 1st march 2011 next to 1st march 2012..

oh dear!


the last january ever

February 23, 2012

i forgot to post last month’s diary painting – so here it is!

[acrylic on A3 canvas. painted 01 – 31 jan 2012]

not much to say about this one…

i didn’t have any nights out, i didn’t read any books, and i barely smiled.¬†it was a very boring bland month, dominated utterly by my brainchild project.

february’s painting is nothing like this!


got red on you…

February 16, 2012

wow, it’s been 3 weeks since i posted on here…

disappointingly, my creativity has taken somewhat of a dip due to illness and other projects. however i did get a new tattoo last week, so in absence of my own artwork, i shall share that!

i wonder, does a piece like this fall under the heading of ¬†‘collaborative art’?¬† it was my idea, but¬†it was¬†drawn by dean and tattooed by shannon of the tattoo boutique studio in liverpool. please checkout their tumblr¬†too!

actually, after i explained the idea to dean and he started drawing it out, i made the odd comment such as, ‘a bit larger for the puzzle piece.’¬† but i realised that i was probably being a bit overbearing and walked away to let him work in peace. when he brought me the finished drawing it was absolutely spot on! there was just the right amount of splatter-to-drip ratio, with an overall asymmetry of design that i’d imagined. i honestly couldn’t have done it better myself!

lesson of the day: trust your tattoo artist!

there are so many potential metaphors wrapped up in this little tattoo – the splatter, jigsaw piece, even the positioning – so i’m not even gonna attempt to explain it in this post! if anyone really wants to know, then that’s a conversation we can have face-to-face..


zombie finger leg

January 14, 2012

and so the saga of the zombie finger tattoo continues…

i love that little design so much, and was gutted that it didn’t last.¬†and it had so much attention online, that when i meet new people [many of which don’t believe it was a real tattoo] it’s slightly upsetting when i can’t even show them much proof!

so i decided to get a tattoo of my tattoo!

i sketched this image out – i am particularly¬†fond of how the zombie has eaten all the way through to the fingerbone of it’s victim!

i took the sketch along to adam [who did the original work] and made an appointment on friday the 13th!

a few hours in, and the black and red are done. i am so happy with this, and especially impressed that adam was able to keep the sketchy style of my original drawing plus add to it with ink splatters and such around the edges.

i have to go back in a few weeks to get the piece fully coloured. cannot wait to see how it turns out! ūüėÄ

btw, this is on the back of my calf, which should give an idea of just how big it is!

check out adam’s flickr account [link], and this is the new studio he’s based in:¬†the tattoo boutique¬†[link]


zombie fingerprint

December 9, 2011

i have just read the absolute BEST comment regarding my zombie finger tattoo!

it was made by a user on reddit called Ogow [link to thread]

“Being in semi-final study mode (obviously not full study mode or I wouldn’t be on reddit….) all I can seem to do when seeing this is classify your fingerprints…

Both left slant radial loop patterns if you’re curious… ridge count little harder due to glare and well…the paint…but looks like ridge count of 9 on the index, and somewhere around 8-10 on the middle finger, lot harder to tell with the mouth covering up the loop pattern…. Both would classify as I-type if categorized in HFC classification.”

what an interesting bit of information to find out! ūüėÄ

it’s funny [but hardly surprising] that most people still assume this is pen & paint. i only have one photo that was taken during the session to lend credibility to the fact that it’s actually a tattoo.