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December 4, 2011

november has been my busiest month for, well, months..

[acrylic/markers on A3 canvas. painted 01 nov – 03 dec 2011]

i took a trip into the past to see my amazing bud jayne, whom i haven’t seen in 1 ½ years! on a night out, i learned that people who say, “never meet you idols” clearly need to pick better icons – cos i met one of my musical heroes and she was just lovely! near the end of the month, i witnessed circus performers, hoopers, firedancers and saw my first burlesque routine at a friends fundraising event for performers without borders.

my ‘zombie finger’ tattoo was published in bizarre magazine. on a similar theme, i did some artwork for a couple of dj mates earlier this year, and i discovered that one of their fans in america has had it tattooed onto his arm [only the outline so far, i will link this when it’s finished].

following getting a new laptop and CS5, i rediscovered my love for sketching digitally. this saw me begin a sketch-a-day challenge with myself. i lasted 8 days [my record is 23 days], which was phenomenal given how much else i have on my plate at the minute. of which, the biggest drain on my time is that i have recently launched into my final year projects for uni [which i will tell you more about in the coming weeks].


i only managed to read 1 book this month: john dies at the end by david wong. actually i hadnt heard of this book until i saw the trailer for the film it is to become [link]. the story looked pretty interesting, so i wanted to read it before the film ruined it for me.

the book is split into two halves. the first is witty and has some great ideas, although gets a bit too farcical for my taste. when the second half began, i thought it was going to be incredibly dark in contrast, exploring a fascinating concept. but it didn’t. it just got stupid[er] and left me with unanswered questions.

anyway, that was november 2011. the painting is pretty hectic and feels unfinished/rushed in a few parts – but then that in it’s own way reflects how the month has been.

as you can see, i now have 9 of these babies hung on my wall – and that is december’s in progress at the bottom. they make a lovely little collection, if i do say so myself!



run rex run

November 30, 2011

sketch-a-day #8.

i spent a whole 15 minutes on this y’know?

run rex run [cs5 +wacom.  15 mins. 29 nov 2011]


the snowman

November 29, 2011

this guy is ready for winter…

the man from hoth [cs5 +bamboo.  1 ½ hour. 28 nov 2011]

i was totally ready to quit this my sketch-a-day challenge today, cos i discovered i got my deadlines wrong for my final uni project. combine that with work, and all the other projects i’m juggling – i feel quite smothered by it all. and to be honest, i can do without the extra unnecessary pressure that this challenge brings. but common sense has never prevailed within my grey matter, so onward i go…

day 7!


a honey bear

November 27, 2011

i have lost count of the number of times people have asked me to draw something nice – as opposed to zombies, monsters and dead things. so here you are: a lovely warm drawing of a fuzzywuzzy teddy bear.

…a teddy bear, who’s name also means fecal matter!

winnie-the-shit [cs5 +bamboo. 45 mins. 27 nov 2011]

sketch-a-day: day motherfeckin six

today, when i looked at the gargoyle that i drew yesterday, i realised how little attention i’d  paid to the direction of light and the various highlights/shadows which should be produced. so in an attempt to remind myself of this lesson, i decided to do a still life.

after some rooting around, i found pooh bear and thought he’d make a good subject matter. but please don’t be fooled into thinking my workspace is littered with cute fluffyness. this particular bear was in a box of stuffed toys which are earmarked to be surgically altered during a future project!

i think i’ve only ever used disney imagery once before..

i bought a print in a charity shop [for 1quid!]. it featured tigger bouncing along, doing his thing. i ‘altered’ it slightly. the picture now hangs in the bathroom of a friends house ❤

so whaddya reckon tomorrow, more cuteness?



November 27, 2011

another sketch from me today…

[cs5 +bamboo. 1 ½ hour. 26 nov 2011]

i’m considerably happier with how today’s sketch turned out. it started of as one of them ‘make some scribbles and see what it looks like!‘  this little guy just kinda popped out of the shapes..

below is the original canvas if anyone cares. you can see him in there, right? it makes me want to get some genuine rorschach inkblots and see what i can make out of them!

so yesterday i told you i was on sketch 3. and +1 today takes me up to 5!  yes, five. i’m not cheating though, not really. cos i did a sketch for my new tattoo on the 22nd nov – which technically means i have sketched for 5days in a row!

yay me! 😀



November 26, 2011

this is a sketch of a childhood hero [villain to most]. his original name was keldor, but he changed it after losing his face to acid. poor fella..

[cs5 +bamboo. 1 hour. 25 nov 2011]

sadly when i cropped it, i’ve lost all the trappings which make him recognisable as the character that he is. though that’s a secondary quibble next to the fact that i’m not that happy with how it’s turned out anyway. the lighting, bone structure and cloth are all wrong. i really have to get into the habit of using reference material.

but i’m trying to do a sketch everyday. so i will still post ones that are below par, as i usually learn from my mistakes [artistically speaking of course – in life i am doomed to repeat the same stupid mistakes for all eternity]. indeed, a sketch-a-day challenge, is all about the journey. that motivated work ethic undoubtedly improves one’s skills, and it is a great way to build a body of work quickly.

my current timeline:

day 1 was that girl’s face two posts below this one.
day2, i did a couple of roughs for a future project [which are staying under wraps for now].
…and this is currently day 3.

the longest i have ever lasted is 23 days!

wish me luck, and suggest some topics for future drawing please!


sketching again

November 23, 2011

i have just rediscovered my love of sketching digitally…

10 mins sketch [cs5 + bamboo. 23 nov 2011]

i have acquired CS5 you see, and there are some lovely natural brushes in photoshop.

there is one in particular [round angle] that i am quite taken with. so expect more lil’ sketches from me in the coming weeks!