rachel & baby rosie

April 16, 2012

a number of my recent posts have centred around my major uni project – the brainchild.

im pleased to say that i’ve just finished it – the culmination of about 5 months work!

these are some of the photos of the exhibit, which were taken by my friend, rachel – the same rachel whose face has been cast in the construction of this artefact

you can read loads more about it on my other blog:
cerebrum filios – children of the brain 



brainchild poster

April 10, 2012

this is a carnival themed poster for the brainchild project i’m working on…

the first sketches of this are here

building a brainchild

March 17, 2012

most of you will be familiar with the brainchild project i am working on..

this is a sketch for a friend who made the request, “draw a bisected head, with a foetus for a brain.”

i was so taken by this idea that i used the theme for my major university project, which has involved me physically constructing a decapitated head with a baby inside of the cranium. i am also creating additional digital and printed media to tell the backstory of this curious artefact, as if it were once part of a carnival sideshow attraction!

the drawing request was made by my friend, rachel, who has a cheery and inspirational wordpress blog. it’s called adventures on the brightside and follows her exploits during the year as dictated by a new diary she has. [actually, that could be the plot for a romcom or a horror novel, depending on the personality of the actual diary!] so please, go check it out… [link]

anyway, because the brainchild was her idea, i felt it only fitting that the head should also be hers! so have a nosey at this progress video showing what my creation currently looks like!

you can read about the construction process and the rest of the project at my other blog:
cerebrum filios: children of the brain


sleeping like a…

February 24, 2012

this is a detail shot of the foetus i’ve been building…

ain’t she a cutie!


the last january ever

February 23, 2012

i forgot to post last month’s diary painting – so here it is!

[acrylic on A3 canvas. painted 01 – 31 jan 2012]

not much to say about this one…

i didn’t have any nights out, i didn’t read any books, and i barely smiled. it was a very boring bland month, dominated utterly by my brainchild project.

february’s painting is nothing like this!


babies on the brain

February 19, 2012

this is more of a progress report from my other blog!

i’ve been drawing up a carnival style poster idea for my brainchild project [link]. and while this is certainly not finished, i do kinda like it..



January 25, 2012

i have mentioned that this blog is so quiet because i have been concentrating on my university work.

i will certainly post about the project here when it is more complete, but this phonepic of my desktop should give you a flavour of some of the stuff i’ve been doing!

for anyone interested in seeing what this is all about, i have another blog where i’m detailing the entire project…

cerebrum filios – the children of the brain