zombieking is alive

December 17, 2012

the zombieking.co.uk website is now up and running…


that means i’m gonna be winding things down on wordpress [not that i’ve been very active of late anyway] and begin blogging over on the new site.

it’s quite a weird thing to do y’know? although i have very few followers on here, i have certainly found the sense of community to be inspiring. but just cos i’m blogging elsewhere doesn’t mean i wont still be reading other folks’ words here….

so maybe pay me a visit once in a while, or say hi on facebook too: feel free top add me personally [link], or hit up my zombieking page [link]



zombieking shop

November 30, 2012

my site over at www.zombieking.co.uk is still under construction.

however, until it is ready i have a bigcartel shop up and running..

should you want to get your paws on any of my new tees, then please go check it out 🙂



hush! don’t tell anyone….

November 17, 2012

coming for you soon…

after a year-and-a-half of wordpress shenanigans, it looks like i’m going to be jumping ship onto my very own website!


[although currently the site isn’t ready, so that’ll redirect you to one of my other pages!]

i’m happy to say that it will be continuing this blog over at the new site. and it will also have a little shop attached, where i will be selling fragments of my artistic soul. initially this will just take the form of some fab t-shirts which i’ve designed. but further down the line, i hope to send all manner of curiosities out into the world!

but for now i’m still here, and on facebook [link]


model – flashh
photography – lowe imaging