November 13, 2012

“nosferatu” [wacom, p/shop]

the nosferatu-look has always been my favourite depiction of a vampire – which no doubt originates from being terrified by salem’s lot [the ’79 film] as a young child! i seem to remember being very fond of the klaus kinski version of ‘nosferatu’ while i was growing up too, but i haven’t seen it in years so not sure how well it has dated..

now that i think about it, there’s a couple of vampire movies amongst my favourite films – specifically near dark, and 30 days of night. however they both have such terribly disappointing endings.

maybe i should give twilight a go… it can’t be that bad, can it?


the goat’s tongue

October 11, 2012

here’s a teaser of a t-shirt design i’m busy working on…

the title of this piece will be ‘worship the goat’.

i bet you never knew that’s what a goat’s tongue actually looked like?!  😉

the lady britannia

October 11, 2012

a close-up from a sketch i was working on recently…

this design features britannia, who is the traditional female personification of the british isles.

the lady britannia will stand proudly with her trident, shield, and lions. however, the eventual title of the piece will be ‘this empire burns’ – so the broader view will reveal her to be in state of corruption and decay.

back in the studio

August 11, 2012

oh dear!
it’s been 3 months since i posted any drawings on here..

i’ve been seriously busy finishing my degree, then moving house – but importantly i have now set myself up in business as a freelance artist!  so i’ve been in the studio all week drawing, except for one day where i met a lady who wants me to supply her with dead bodies!

anyways. the drawings…

^this is a drawing i did a few years ago, just after reading singularity seven. this was my first introduction to ben templesmith and i was pretty amazed by his work. with my sketch, i was trying to do an ’embodiment-of-war’ type character, but the similarity to ‘the singularity’ from templesmith’s story is undeniable! anyway, i’ve always liked the drawing but never felt able to complete it, so i thought i’d re-work it from scratch.

these are the progress sketches, using pre-photoshop old fashioned skills of cut-and-paste – utilising photocopying, pritt stick, and tippex!

i started off with skulls, bones and tentacles, which had a real nautical flavour, so i added a ship’s wheel to the composition. the wip sketches speak for themselves, but i eventually dropped the wheel, as i just couldn’t get it to work because the silhouette was just way too busy for my taste.

and this is how the sketch currently looks..

the intention was always to create: what appears to besatanic looking re-animated pirate-skeleton, who was brandishing the tools of his trade.

but if you look properly, there is nothing supernatural about that skeleton at all…


wordpress has just informed me that this was my 100th post! it pleases me greatly that the subject matter is all about me getting back into my art.  🙂


May 5, 2012

i did a bit more sketching tonight..

the drowning of mr.wormtongue” [photoshop + wacom]

i scribbled for a good half hour before this started to evolve out of the mess i was making. probably spent an hour on it total. i find creating a sketch like this to be a very cathartic process.

it is very rough and ready – but combined with the title, i think i do like it!



May 5, 2012

life has been getting very stressful – and i just needed to do some drawing to help me relax.

wolverine” [photoshop – 25 minute sketch]


converse all starwars

April 26, 2012

i been scribbling on my shoes again..

left – R2Dshoe

right – converse all DEATH star