the end of the world

December 23, 2012

22nd December 2012

“Dear diary, 

People say that the world didn’t come to an end yesterday. But, after midnight, things altered.

A malevolent evil rose up in every place that Man called civilised. An abyssal militia came forth, slaughtering all they found. I waded through the lakes of viscera left in their wake, and knew it was time to show my own colours.

The wounded innocents; the hiding children; the sleeping babies; they were all my prey. I perpetrated acts which made me delight at my own depravity. I felt emancipated.  

And then I awoke in my bed.

I was back in Hell.”


zombieking is alive

December 17, 2012

the website is now up and running…


that means i’m gonna be winding things down on wordpress [not that i’ve been very active of late anyway] and begin blogging over on the new site.

it’s quite a weird thing to do y’know? although i have very few followers on here, i have certainly found the sense of community to be inspiring. but just cos i’m blogging elsewhere doesn’t mean i wont still be reading other folks’ words here….

so maybe pay me a visit once in a while, or say hi on facebook too: feel free top add me personally [link], or hit up my zombieking page [link]


zombieking shop

November 30, 2012

my site over at is still under construction.

however, until it is ready i have a bigcartel shop up and running..

should you want to get your paws on any of my new tees, then please go check it out 🙂


free stuff!

November 21, 2012

does anyone want a chance to win one of my new t-shirts?

i have a fresh delivery of each of these lovely three designs arriving in the next week or so. they’re gonna be available in boys & girls shaped tees, in sizes S/M/L/XL. when the delivery arrives i’ll pick a one of you guys at random to whom i’ll send a zombieking t-shirt of their choice. simple.

i’m running the competition over on my facebook page – so hit this [link] and follow the instructions.

but for any of my facebook-hating wordpress buddies, fear not – you can still join in!
just drop a reply in the comments below, telling me a single fact about yourself and i’ll enter you into the draw. your email address would be handy too incase you win!
this giveaway is now closed!

hush! don’t tell anyone….

November 17, 2012

coming for you soon…

after a year-and-a-half of wordpress shenanigans, it looks like i’m going to be jumping ship onto my very own website!

[although currently the site isn’t ready, so that’ll redirect you to one of my other pages!]

i’m happy to say that it will be continuing this blog over at the new site. and it will also have a little shop attached, where i will be selling fragments of my artistic soul. initially this will just take the form of some fab t-shirts which i’ve designed. but further down the line, i hope to send all manner of curiosities out into the world!

but for now i’m still here, and on facebook [link]


model – flashh
photography – lowe imaging



November 13, 2012

“nosferatu” [wacom, p/shop]

the nosferatu-look has always been my favourite depiction of a vampire – which no doubt originates from being terrified by salem’s lot [the ’79 film] as a young child! i seem to remember being very fond of the klaus kinski version of ‘nosferatu’ while i was growing up too, but i haven’t seen it in years so not sure how well it has dated..

now that i think about it, there’s a couple of vampire movies amongst my favourite films – specifically near dark, and 30 days of night. however they both have such terribly disappointing endings.

maybe i should give twilight a go… it can’t be that bad, can it?


November 2, 2012

i’ve been reflecting on how quickly things have been coming together recently…

on the 11th August, i wrote a blog post [link] saying that i was getting back into the studio to do some drawing. specifically, i was busy revamping a very old sketch – this one infact:

  • the sketch was refined, the idea adjusted, redrawn and inked.
  • then it was scanned and cleaned up digitally.
  • from there is was emailed to the screen printers, and put onto t-shirts.
  • the t-shirts have made their way around the uk, and some have even left the country, going as far afield as ontario and california.
  • they’ve been photographed professionally using an alt. model, and one of these images is to be used in a magazine [that i love] to advertise my range of designs.
  • the t-shirts are currently available for sale in a couple of shops, and once my website is finished they’ll be available to buy online too.

so here we are now – less than 3 months later – we have moved from that sketch above, to this…

not too shabby, eh?