hush! don’t tell anyone….

November 17, 2012

coming for you soon…

after a year-and-a-half of wordpress shenanigans, it looks like i’m going to be jumping ship onto my very own website!

[although currently the site isn’t ready, so that’ll redirect you to one of my other pages!]

i’m happy to say that it will be continuing this blog over at the new site. and it will also have a little shop attached, where i will be selling fragments of my artistic soul. initially this will just take the form of some fab t-shirts which i’ve designed. but further down the line, i hope to send all manner of curiosities out into the world!

but for now i’m still here, and on facebook [link]


model – flashh
photography – lowe imaging




November 1, 2012

this is a piece from a project i’ve been doing for Speke Hall, which is a National Trust property here in Liverpool.

their halloween event this year was a ‘zombie infestation‘ and i was brought on board to provide some appropriate props to go inside the house. i worked with a friend, dickie maroo, and we created a number of pieces ranging from dismembered torsos to smaller items like this decapitated head. i will post more photos when i get them.

check out the video footage of this prop..

the life model that was used for this build is a lovely fella named Stuart Davies, who actually works at Speke Hall too!

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!

zombie finger attack

September 24, 2012

i found some photos of my zombie finger tattoo that i’d never shown to anyone before..

i really miss these guys 😥

zombie disco

May 24, 2012

in the aftermath of the 2.8 hours later zombie outbreak [see previous post], all of the survivors and newly infected got together to celebrate at the zombie disco..

^^this is a photo of yours truly from the show!

this afterparty was organised by the folks at inside out adventures. it featured a suitably apocalyptic themed playlist, zombie vs. survivor dance-offs, and a mass thriller dance amongst other things.

they do plenty more fun event stuff, not just zombie discos – you can check out their facebook here [link]


in the last few days i’ve made hundreds of zombies…

i mentioned a short while ago [link] that i was part of the make-up team for 2.8 hours later in liverpool.

well, these are a couple of my photos of the infected…

i was mainly on blood duty for the duration, splattering copious amounts of the red stuff onto the zombie population.  but i also spent some time doing the base make-up, giving these guys the death-like pallor that makes them look so, well… dead!

on top of prepping all of the zombies who were loose on the streets, we also got to zombify all of the survivors who didn’t survive. across the 4 days, i reckon we must created well over 500 zombies, possibly creeping up to the 1000 mark!

this is our core team of artists, with one of the game directors [photo credit here]

starting bottom left [then going clockwise] the team are: natalie levey, ruth parry, simon [centre], lucy maude, and myself  on the bottom right. also part of the team [but not pictured] were helen quinn, bobbie mckeown, and amber shorrock.

and this is a close up of natalie..

but this next shot is probably the scariest photo i have from the entire event!

the company behind it all, slingshot, are a fantastic group to work with, and they have a real focus on giving those taking part a great experience.

if the infection comes to your city – do not evacuate too soon or you might miss out on all the fun!


king of the zombies

May 11, 2012

i was watching shaun of the dead a few nights ago, and one line in particular made me laugh..

couldn’t help but make it into a banner for my facebook!  🙂

favourite quotes from zombie films anyone…?


all over the interweb

April 25, 2012

anyone on facebook…?

i just started a facebook page up a few days ago – come find me and say hi! [link]

i also have a tumblr [link] but i haven’t really got the hang of that yet!