zombieking.. obviously its not my real name, but it just kinda stuck.  why?  cos im the king of the zombies of course!

actually, i prefer just chris zombie if i’m honest. i mean, who would want the attention an responsibility that comes with being king? certainly not me.. but sometimes these roles find you whether you like it or not.

in my heart, im just an artist, struggling to make sense of it all. and for a long time ive known everything is much simpler when you’re dead. so if im gonna get on with my life and benefit from the advantage of being dead – then a zombie i must be. simple, no?

but i wont lie – i do love the diet!

brainzzz or GTFO!

chris zombieking



i have another blog which tracks progress of a current university project. it is called ‘cerebrum filios’, which means ‘the children of the brain’ [link]



if you are from the interweb, and want me to draw/paint something for you – then give me a shout, and we can have a natter. [unfortunately i am up to my bloodshot eyeballs in freebie jobs, so these are somewhat unlikely.]

or, if you are interested in swapping: hard cash, babies, trioxin 245, or fresh bodyparts, for any of my artworks you have spotted on here, then feel free to poke me too!




these are other places i call home…

facebook page  [ come and say “hi!” ]

tumblr  [ i need to use this more ]

google+  [ it’s quite quiet over there… ]

old web portfolio  [ circa 2009 ]

but my twitching cadaver currently resides in liverpool, uk. although one day i hope to live in midian [with all the other monsters!]


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