plasterboard falls close-up detail

Plasterboard Falls is a story i wrote a good few years ago [circa 2004/5]. only a handful of people ever read the story, but it understandibly received very mixed reactions – as it’s a very dark tale. because  i was uncertain of it’s merit as a piece of creative work, i eventually boxed it up and put it into storage. i reckon its been shut away for the best part of 5 years!

however, i dug it out in the last few days and looked on it with fresh eyes.  and even now im still uncertain whether or not i should proceed to show and tell.  but i will. slowly…

but first, some guidelines:



that’s a quote from the back of  ‘the woodsman‘ dvd case.  i feel it only appropriate to advise that the same is true in the story i am presenting.

this is not suitable for those who are easily offended. indeed,  it may not be suitable for those who are difficult to offend. the story contains explicit language, themes of violence, and themes of sexual abuse.

this is not suitable for children.

please dont forget, this is a work of fiction…

thanks, chris  [29 aug 2011]

chapter one – wolf’s lair



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