November 1, 2012

this is a piece from a project i’ve been doing for Speke Hall, which is a National Trust property here in Liverpool.

their halloween event this year was a ‘zombie infestation‘ and i was brought on board to provide some appropriate props to go inside the house. i worked with a friend, dickie maroo, and we created a number of pieces ranging from dismembered torsos to smaller items like this decapitated head. i will post more photos when i get them.

check out the video footage of this prop..

the life model that was used for this build is a lovely fella named Stuart Davies, who actually works at Speke Hall too!

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!


zombieking apparel

October 31, 2012

the results of the photoshoot…

this fantastic image is to be used as my first advertising spot in big cheese magazine, which comes out in a few weeks time.

the photography/retouching is by Louise Lowe Imaging, please check her out on facebook [link], or better still – she now has a wordpress blog [link]

the model is Vivi Vicious, and you can find her model mayhem profile here [link]

these are the shots featuring my other two designs..

i must admit that organising a photoshoot was quite a daunting prospect, as i have never been involved with anything like this before – but having an experienced model, and a  professional photographer who took the reigns made the entire experience stress free. i did little more than sit back and watch them work. it was brilliant!

it was an absolute pleasure working with these two ladies, and i couldn’t be happier with the photoset.

[note: the web address [] across the bottom of the photos is not yet live, but it will be soon!]


October 23, 2012

this happened today…

“what’s going on in the picture?” you may ask.

well, that’s one of my newly designed and printed t-shirts. being worn by a professional model. who is being shot by a professional photographer.

i’ve been a struggling artist for so long now [and i dont expect that to change in the immediate future!]. but to see the things i’ve been working towards in recent years start to come to fruition is so very satisfying. it makes all the long nights, the blue times, and the financial troubles fade away that bit further – because things are really starting to happen.

infact, it’s coming together so well, and in such a professional manner, that my usual cynical demeanour is also evaporating – leaving me with a positive outlook for the future, the like of which i haven’t known in years.

all this means that the reign of this particular zombieking may be dawning very soon 🙂

the king is undead! long live the zombieking!

prepare to launch…

October 22, 2012

it’s exciting times over at Zombieking HQ – i’ve taken delivery of my first batch of t-shirts, and they look absolutely amazing!

they’re going to be stocked at The Tattoo Boutique (Liverpool, UK) and The Trading Post (Newcastle, UK). i’m also going to be selling them online when my website is up and running soon!

tomorrow i have a photoshoot booked with Lu Lowe [who is absolutely brilliant] so i will have some cracking shots to show you all very soon. these will be the main images for the publicity i have booked for the christmas issue of Big Cheese Magazine.

i’ve also been working with Lynne Roberston, and other mentors at the Centre for Entrepreneurship at my University, Liverpool John Moores. this culminates in a presentation to panel next week which will give  a much needed boost to my business [as long as things go well!]

AND i am also undertaking a halloween project for Speke HAll, which is a National Trust property here in Liverpool (but i can’t share any of these pics until after it’s all finished).


and breathe…

the goat’s tongue

October 11, 2012

here’s a teaser of a t-shirt design i’m busy working on…

the title of this piece will be ‘worship the goat’.

i bet you never knew that’s what a goat’s tongue actually looked like?!  😉

the lady britannia

October 11, 2012

a close-up from a sketch i was working on recently…

this design features britannia, who is the traditional female personification of the british isles.

the lady britannia will stand proudly with her trident, shield, and lions. however, the eventual title of the piece will be ‘this empire burns’ – so the broader view will reveal her to be in state of corruption and decay.

zombie finger attack

September 24, 2012

i found some photos of my zombie finger tattoo that i’d never shown to anyone before..

i really miss these guys 😥