zombie penguin

December 31, 2011

this is the second painting in a series of four that i created for some of my friends.

the new owner is a fabulous artist i am fortunate enough to know called india rex. yes, that is her really real name! she can be sometimes be found on the interweb under the guise of indisaurus rex. we have plans to do some creative stuff together in the coming months [which i am incredibly excited about!]

actually, we have already done 1 painting together many moons ago – which i shall endeavour to locate a photo of, and upload. but for now enjoy this lil’ baby…

zombie penguin” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

the significance of the painting…? well, im a zombie and she’s a penguin. obviously. although, it’s not quite that simple. there are human suits, and unicorns involved too. but let’s not get into all that right now, k.

but, if at any time you happen to spot a penguin within my paintings, this is a direct reference to indi!



the godfather

December 31, 2011

i’ve made zero posts to this blog for a fortnight. but what with christmas, writing essays, uni coursework and the daily grind,  i have still been quite a busy little [zom]bee.  i have also just finished a series of 4 paintings.

go team zombieking!

these paintings were made for my closest friends here in liverpool, and each one is very specific to the person it was created for.  i had considered giving them as christmas gifts, but i felt that would have been just a little too narcissistic on my part.

the first painting i will show you, is for a musician friend of mine called rhamy. he’s already been mentioned on my blog once before when we did a painting together. [link]

a drink you can’t refuse” [acrylic on 20x40cm canvas]

you may be able to tell, i have a movies/alcohol/zombies-type connection with him!


hello zombie kitty

December 18, 2011

my first ever zombie related post to this blog was to show you a zombified hello kitty, that i’d painted for a friends birthday [link]. and since then it’s been the 2nd most popular search that’s directed traffic here..

so, i figured if people want to see zombie hello kitties, then it’s only good manners that i should oblige…

hello 28 kitties later! [acrylic on A3 canvas. dec 2011]


hello romero’s kitty! [acrylic on A3 canvas. dec 2011]


hello groovy kitty! [acrylic on A3 canvas. dec 2011]

i simply set out to paint 3 horror themed kitties. but as i sketched them onto the canvas, they started to take on their on their own personalities. blue, being that aggressive infected zombietype. green is romero’s modern zombie, all foetid and icky. and obviously pinky is everyones favourite hero, ash, as he prepares to go into the cellar.

dead by dawn!” 

brainzzz or GTFO!!!


remember remember

December 4, 2011

november has been my busiest month for, well, months..

[acrylic/markers on A3 canvas. painted 01 nov – 03 dec 2011]

i took a trip into the past to see my amazing bud jayne, whom i haven’t seen in 1 ½ years! on a night out, i learned that people who say, “never meet you idols” clearly need to pick better icons – cos i met one of my musical heroes and she was just lovely! near the end of the month, i witnessed circus performers, hoopers, firedancers and saw my first burlesque routine at a friends fundraising event for performers without borders.

my ‘zombie finger’ tattoo was published in bizarre magazine. on a similar theme, i did some artwork for a couple of dj mates earlier this year, and i discovered that one of their fans in america has had it tattooed onto his arm [only the outline so far, i will link this when it’s finished].

following getting a new laptop and CS5, i rediscovered my love for sketching digitally. this saw me begin a sketch-a-day challenge with myself. i lasted 8 days [my record is 23 days], which was phenomenal given how much else i have on my plate at the minute. of which, the biggest drain on my time is that i have recently launched into my final year projects for uni [which i will tell you more about in the coming weeks].


i only managed to read 1 book this month: john dies at the end by david wong. actually i hadnt heard of this book until i saw the trailer for the film it is to become [link]. the story looked pretty interesting, so i wanted to read it before the film ruined it for me.

the book is split into two halves. the first is witty and has some great ideas, although gets a bit too farcical for my taste. when the second half began, i thought it was going to be incredibly dark in contrast, exploring a fascinating concept. but it didn’t. it just got stupid[er] and left me with unanswered questions.

anyway, that was november 2011. the painting is pretty hectic and feels unfinished/rushed in a few parts – but then that in it’s own way reflects how the month has been.

as you can see, i now have 9 of these babies hung on my wall – and that is december’s in progress at the bottom. they make a lovely little collection, if i do say so myself!


drawing from life

November 17, 2011

i really miss life-drawing…

[charcoal on paper. 20 min sketch]

i think the last time i attended any life-drawing sessions was in december 2007, when i still lived in belfast. these are a few of my favourite pieces from those classes.

[pencil on paper. 5 min sketch]

i believe the model’s name was sarah. and unlike some models, she was an absolute pleasure to draw.

[acrylic on A3 canvas. 4 hours. circa dec 2007]

the above  painting was completed across 2x 2-hour sessions, and was only the third time i’d tried painting on canvas. i always loved this painting, and to-date it is still probably my favourite painting that i have ever done.


y’know, looking through some of my work from these sessions has made me realise just how rusty my drawing skills are. i have to rectify this issue.

i must draw more often.

i need to draw ‘real people’ more often too, preferably naked!  volunteers welcome 😉


october retrospective

November 3, 2011

in the aftermath of october, i feel a bit drained…

and it’s not because i went into zombie overload. quite the opposite actually. i’ve been keeping my head down and trying to get my work done.  reading, and research, and thinking, and presentations [well, one presentation]. not nearly enough creativity amongst that list for my liking.

to be honest, there’s not much to see in this months diary..

[acrylic on A3 canvas. painted 01 oct – 03 nov 2011]

ok, so there have been a few happenings that were worth noting, but i painted some events deliberately BIG to take up more space. [that smacks of so much cheating and apathy that im quite disappointed with myself..]

anyway. i had a few ‘firsts’ this month, so i shall briefly mention them..

1. i saw a band ive never seen before, but have loved for ages! it made me realise how much i miss seeing a good live band. that same night was also my first-time beeing a schmexy bumblebeeee 😉

2. i took my son out clubbing for the first time [check us at 2:18 here ]. this was also his first time seeing a DJ live.

3. i got called, ‘travis bickle’ …though this only happened once!

4. i read my first max brooks book [world war Z]. i was genuinely surprised by how good it is!


y’know, i want to be straight about this month’s painting – i not really that fond of it. there are lots of sections that are very underdeveloped, and it just doesnt seem to gel together. there is something else too which is bugging me about it, but i just cant quite nail down at the minute…

anyway, it’s on the wall now with the other 7 now. 

i suspect that if the concept behind them wasnt so self absorbed, i be proud to say that they make quite a nice wee collection. but instead im a little embarrased at being so focussed on myself  :/

be seeing you..

October 12, 2011

i’ve been drawing a lot of eyeballs lately…

[acrylic on A3 canvas. 01 october 2011]

there was a blogpost featured on freshly pressed recently that had a photograph of a graffiti eye as it’s theme [here], and people chipped in with their favourite eye related sayings.  y’know, stuff like ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul.’

my contribution:

real eyes
real lies

be seeing you!