this is an update of the design i showed you recently…

this stage of drawing/inking is finished, and im pretty happy how it has turned out. but i still want to add a background design, and i’m considering adding a second colour before i print it.

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back in the studio

August 11, 2012

oh dear!
it’s been 3 months since i posted any drawings on here..

i’ve been seriously busy finishing my degree, then moving house – but importantly i have now set myself up in business as a freelance artist!  so i’ve been in the studio all week drawing, except for one day where i met a lady who wants me to supply her with dead bodies!

anyways. the drawings…

^this is a drawing i did a few years ago, just after reading singularity seven. this was my first introduction to ben templesmith and i was pretty amazed by his work. with my sketch, i was trying to do an ’embodiment-of-war’ type character, but the similarity to ‘the singularity’ from templesmith’s story is undeniable! anyway, i’ve always liked the drawing but never felt able to complete it, so i thought i’d re-work it from scratch.

these are the progress sketches, using pre-photoshop old fashioned skills of cut-and-paste – utilising photocopying, pritt stick, and tippex!

i started off with skulls, bones and tentacles, which had a real nautical flavour, so i added a ship’s wheel to the composition. the wip sketches speak for themselves, but i eventually dropped the wheel, as i just couldn’t get it to work because the silhouette was just way too busy for my taste.

and this is how the sketch currently looks..

the intention was always to create: what appears to besatanic looking re-animated pirate-skeleton, who was brandishing the tools of his trade.

but if you look properly, there is nothing supernatural about that skeleton at all…


wordpress has just informed me that this was my 100th post! it pleases me greatly that the subject matter is all about me getting back into my art.  🙂

it’s upside down…

February 18, 2012

sometimes paintings are planned – sometimes they just occur. this one falls into the second category.

it just began as colour and marks on the canvas.. and didnt really evolve into anything more than abstract shapes and patterns to be honest.  the canvas was regularly turned, and as soon as images started to refine themselves [a heart, spilled pomegranate seeds,  a ‘my little pony’ foetus!], then i would try to change it again to avoid definition.

however, this has left me with the problem that i cant decide what it is. you can the rotate painting and it still has meaning. it’s easier explained if i show you. most of the time it is hung like this…

turmoil” [acrylic & markers on A3 canvas. 3rd feb 2011]

people comment that they can see, “a heart, with crashing waves inside of it.”

the more astute/open-minded may even see, “a figure, on it’s knees, bearing the burden of a volatile heart.”

but to all of them i say,

“no. it’s upside down. look again…”

abortion” [acrylic & markers on A3 canvas]

can you see it?

the foetus

the scalpel-like fingers

the figure clutching it’s head, screaming

artistic interpretation, eh?

so. i haven’t been able to put my signature to this painting yet, as that will determine the orientation of how to hang this piece. and i’m not sure i will ever be able to decide what works best.

currently, this is my favourite interpretation…

laser shark attack” [acrylic & markers on A3 canvas]


painting the queen

August 11, 2011

this is the third [and final] of my portaits based on characters from alice’s adventures in wonderland.

i give you, The Royal Portrait

this portrait was inspired completely by the work of alexa meade, whose work i discovered recently [and shared on my other blog here.]

im struggling to decide how successful this has been.. when you work so long on trying to create an illusion, it is difficult to see it with fresh eyes. does the illusion work?? 

when i tell you that this painting is a photgraph of a live model [my lovely friend, courtney brady], who has been painted – are you surprised? did you immediately spot the trick, did you know something wasn’t quite right, or did the illusion work? please comment – if only to let me know! lol.

my suspicion [or hope] is that you thought something was odd, but didn’t immediately clock what astray.  the eyes are certainly a give away with such a close headshot – but i think the hair betrays this more than anything else. i had intended to paint the background more, inorder to break up the outline, but what with changing light, messing with the tripod, and still getting to grips with the camera – it just went right out of my head.

next time – and i really do want to try this again – i wont forget to do that. with these illusions, it is all about getting the finishing touches just right. 

so that’s all of my alice portraits. i had so many more ideas than i possibly had time to do. these three photographs were for a university project that is now handed in, so it’d be hard to feel motivated to add to this collection. but then, there are so many other themes and character re-interpretations that hold such potential that i feel it’d be criminal not carry on working on this illusion through the lens idea in some capactity.  watch this space :]

actually, i’d been wanting to learn more about photography for ages, but never made the time or had enough motivation. so working on this project over the last few weeks has been a fantastic learning experience,  giving me my first ever decent interaction with an SLR [nikon D80]. sadly the camera is not mine, but i dont see how i can possibly go back to using a compact after this! reflecting, the scary thing is that every good photo i took only made me realise just how much i have to learn about photography. this is very much fledgling territory.

anyway, i reckon that’s me hooked on photography now – this is easily going to be the most expensive hobby i have ever had in my life!