got red on you…

February 16, 2012

wow, it’s been 3 weeks since i posted on here…

disappointingly, my creativity has taken somewhat of a dip due to illness and other projects. however i did get a new tattoo last week, so in absence of my own artwork, i shall share that!

i wonder, does a piece like this fall under the heading of  ‘collaborative art’?  it was my idea, but it was drawn by dean and tattooed by shannon of the tattoo boutique studio in liverpool. please checkout their tumblr too!

actually, after i explained the idea to dean and he started drawing it out, i made the odd comment such as, ‘a bit larger for the puzzle piece.’  but i realised that i was probably being a bit overbearing and walked away to let him work in peace. when he brought me the finished drawing it was absolutely spot on! there was just the right amount of splatter-to-drip ratio, with an overall asymmetry of design that i’d imagined. i honestly couldn’t have done it better myself!

lesson of the day: trust your tattoo artist!

there are so many potential metaphors wrapped up in this little tattoo – the splatter, jigsaw piece, even the positioning – so i’m not even gonna attempt to explain it in this post! if anyone really wants to know, then that’s a conversation we can have face-to-face..



the great feast

November 25, 2011

i have a few friends who are a bit good with words. so for thanksgiving they had a writing challenge using the theme ‘feast’.

my contribution to the task was an illustration for one of the stories [which will make more sense if you read it!]

each writer has utilised the theme in quite a different manner, and i’m pleased to report  they are all beautifully dark in nature. if you enjoy my art, there is a good chance you will enjoy these tales!

please check out the great feast story challenge

happy thanksgiving to all my american friends! ❤


making a paintbaby

June 18, 2011

until a few months ago, i’d never done any collaborative painting or drawin work – but ive been making a real effort to get a canvas out with artistic [and non-artistic] friends to see what occurs.  its a very interestin dynamic to see who is the more dominant, and how willing/unwilling each party is participant is to work over or adapt the others efforts.

this painting is the result of just such a session with my close friend Rhamy…

[acrylic & marker on 12″ canvas. 17/06/2011. painted with rhamy zakhari]

the only dilemna involved in this type of thing is that when you produce something together, is who gets to keep it…?  who gets the baby? so far, ive been using a system of joint ownership and visitation rights. theres one picture i did with a friend in april thats been passed back an forth a couple of times.

but im getting to the stage now that i have no wall space left so i reckon that these offspring are best stayin with their other creators for a while. id quite like to gather them all up in a year or two and see how they look as a collective tribe!


life drawing

March 16, 2011

during the midnight hours, a friend called over. we ended up doing a painting together..

“welcome to the secret garden”

[acrylic & marker on A3 canvas. 16/03/2011. painted with the gorgeous natasha moorhouse]

this morning, i posted it on my facebook. i was surprised by the volume of positive reactions,  but it was the first comment that really got me

“mate you are literaly like my favourite artist why arent you doing this for a living?”

cos thats just it.. no, i dont make any money from painting, but i am doing this to live. i have long held the belief that my art will save me