October 23, 2012

this happened today…

“what’s going on in the picture?” you may ask.

well, that’s one of my newly designed and printed t-shirts. being worn by a professional model. who is being shot by a professional photographer.

i’ve been a struggling artist for so long now [and i dont expect that to change in the immediate future!]. but to see the things i’ve been working towards in recent years start to come to fruition is so very satisfying. it makes all the long nights, the blue times, and the financial troubles fade away that bit further – because things are really starting to happen.

infact, it’s coming together so well, and in such a professional manner, that my usual cynical demeanour is also evaporating – leaving me with a positive outlook for the future, the like of which i haven’t known in years.

all this means that the reign of this particular zombieking may be dawning very soon 🙂

the king is undead! long live the zombieking!


2 Responses to “photoshoot”

  1. Emmie Mears Says:

    This is so glorious to hear.

    I am very happy for you. The creative fields are so difficult to make financially viable, and when it’s all you want to do, it can be that much harder. I can’t wait to see where your road leads, but I’ll bend my knee to the ZombieKing. 😀

    • thank you emmie!
      It’s still early days, and im funding pretty much everything myself so far.. but it’ll be worthwhile. i’m sure i share the same dream as most other creatives out there (including yourself) as i dont even want to be rich – i just want to create a sustainable living doing the things i love!

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