prepare to launch…

October 22, 2012

it’s exciting times over at Zombieking HQ – i’ve taken delivery of my first batch of t-shirts, and they look absolutely amazing!

they’re going to be stocked at The Tattoo Boutique (Liverpool, UK) and The Trading Post (Newcastle, UK). i’m also going to be selling them online when my website is up and running soon!

tomorrow i have a photoshoot booked with Lu Lowe [who is absolutely brilliant] so i will have some cracking shots to show you all very soon. these will be the main images for the publicity i have booked for the christmas issue of Big Cheese Magazine.

i’ve also been working with Lynne Roberston, and other mentors at the Centre for Entrepreneurship at my University, Liverpool John Moores. this culminates in a presentation to panel next week which will give  a much needed boost to my business [as long as things go well!]

AND i am also undertaking a halloween project for Speke HAll, which is a National Trust property here in Liverpool (but i can’t share any of these pics until after it’s all finished).


and breathe…


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