a blank canvas

April 20, 2012

ever since i became aware of jason freeny i’ve been wanting to get my hands on some toys and do some customising.

well, today i managed to pick up one of these bad boys…

i have way too many ideas on how to custom this, right from ultra simple paint jobs – to – mega plastic surgery that’d leave it barely recognisable!

what would you turn this fella into?

btw, his hat does come off!


2 Responses to “a blank canvas”

  1. Alan Perry Says:

    Mate bought me one of these a couple of years ago, decided to do a Captain America on him, always meant to get around to making him a shield but never managed. Will have to hoke him out and take a pick. There’s so many possibilities with them!

  2. would love to see it. i managed to cut this one’s head open and begin building inside it – but i inevitably got sidetracked. will have to get dig it out and resume the work 🙂

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