troubled by spam

December 14, 2011

i try to keep this blog of mine for specific posts regarding my artwork, but i just had to post about this…

i’m starting to get my fair share of spam. very often these comments look complimentary to my own posts, but are infact just meaningless words and phrases strung together which link back to paysites for one thing or another.

however, yesterday i found this in my spam folder..

it follows that typical pattern which demonstrates a complete lack of language and grammar skillz. the writer has little credible contact information too. at this point i hit the delete option. however, it was at that point when i noticed which particular post this comment was made on…

‘plasterboard falls.’


for those of you that don’t know, plasterboard falls is a story i wrote which uses the theme of child abduction, imprisonment, and subsequent murder as it’s backdrop to explore the character’s of these victims.

now that you have context, please re-read the spam…



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