zombie fingerprint

December 9, 2011

i have just read the absolute BEST comment regarding my zombie finger tattoo!

it was made by a user on reddit called Ogow [link to thread]

“Being in semi-final study mode (obviously not full study mode or I wouldn’t be on reddit….) all I can seem to do when seeing this is classify your fingerprints…

Both left slant radial loop patterns if you’re curious… ridge count little harder due to glare and well…the paint…but looks like ridge count of 9 on the index, and somewhere around 8-10 on the middle finger, lot harder to tell with the mouth covering up the loop pattern…. Both would classify as I-type if categorized in HFC classification.”

what an interesting bit of information to find out! 😀

it’s funny [but hardly surprising] that most people still assume this is pen & paint. i only have one photo that was taken during the session to lend credibility to the fact that it’s actually a tattoo.



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