a honey bear

November 27, 2011

i have lost count of the number of times people have asked me to draw something nice – as opposed to zombies, monsters and dead things. so here you are: a lovely warm drawing of a fuzzywuzzy teddy bear.

…a teddy bear, who’s name also means fecal matter!

winnie-the-shit [cs5 +bamboo. 45 mins. 27 nov 2011]

sketch-a-day: day motherfeckin six

today, when i looked at the gargoyle that i drew yesterday, i realised how little attention i’d  paid to the direction of light and the various highlights/shadows which should be produced. so in an attempt to remind myself of this lesson, i decided to do a still life.

after some rooting around, i found pooh bear and thought he’d make a good subject matter. but please don’t be fooled into thinking my workspace is littered with cute fluffyness. this particular bear was in a box of stuffed toys which are earmarked to be surgically altered during a future project!

i think i’ve only ever used disney imagery once before..

i bought a print in a charity shop [for 1quid!]. it featured tigger bouncing along, doing his thing. i ‘altered’ it slightly. the picture now hangs in the bathroom of a friends house ❤

so whaddya reckon tomorrow, more cuteness?



4 Responses to “a honey bear”

  1. Jaye Says:

    I think you should draw what Pooh is REALLY up to after the lights go out and the kids are asleep.

    • oh you’ve just remined me of a story i wrote for my son years ago! it was about an eerie otherworldy midnight nursery, and a new toy bear who comes to the place. i will have to dig it out!

  2. Jaye Says:

    But your bear is awfully cute.

    • and thanks! he is a bit cute aint he? lol. yeah kelly suggested something along those lines too.. i reckon i will revisit christopher robins’ animals in a manner more suited to my style..

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