November 26, 2011

this is a sketch of a childhood hero [villain to most]. his original name was keldor, but he changed it after losing his face to acid. poor fella..

[cs5 +bamboo. 1 hour. 25 nov 2011]

sadly when i cropped it, i’ve lost all the trappings which make him recognisable as the character that he is. though that’s a secondary quibble next to the fact that i’m not that happy with how it’s turned out anyway. the lighting, bone structure and cloth are all wrong. i really have to get into the habit of using reference material.

but i’m trying to do a sketch everyday. so i will still post ones that are below par, as i usually learn from my mistakes [artistically speaking of course – in life i am doomed to repeat the same stupid mistakes for all eternity]. indeed, a sketch-a-day challenge, is all about the journey. that motivated work ethic undoubtedly improves one’s skills, and it is a great way to build a body of work quickly.

my current timeline:

day 1 was that girl’s face two posts below this one.
day2, i did a couple of roughs for a future project [which are staying under wraps for now].
…and this is currently day 3.

the longest i have ever lasted is 23 days!

wish me luck, and suggest some topics for future drawing please!



2 Responses to “sketch-a-day”

  1. Al Locke Says:

    add the havoc staff!

    idea: our lady of guadalupe with a skull for a face

    • hahaa the havoc staff would be epic! i might have to try and draw one if i can find a decent reference. i kinda want to redo this entire character – this sketch just doesn’t do him justice.

      i just had a read of that story – and i do like your idea. i have an idea how i might be able to pull it off, but need to put a little more thought into it first.. will keep you posted if i managed to do anything with it

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