wedding day blues

October 31, 2011

i was challenged to illustrate a picture for halloween. the theme, “a cannibal-faerie love story, featuring a duck.” 

please click the image to see it in all it’s hi-res loveliness

“wedding day blues”  [photoshop+wacom. 31 oct 2011]

the words are my own too, and read thus:

The Bride never could have imagined,
whilst vowing, “til death do us part.”
That by the end of the day…
she’d be holding the Groom’s un-beating heart.

there were a few other creative types taking part in this halloween challenge [however i was the only artist participating]. so take a trip over HERE  to read stories by kelly shew, marina bridgesjaye manus, and becky joy. enjoy!

kelly was the only other person foolish enough to use the theme “a cannibal-faerie love story, featuring a duck”, but did an amazing job with the premise. every time i see a dead duck i will be reminded of this bond we have 😉

also check out melissa on the undeveloped story, who also posted a halloween tale today, entitled ‘what the house knows’.

happy halloween guys and ghouls!

zombielove ❤



5 Responses to “wedding day blues”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I really like that picture! 🙂 Very cool. It also reminds me I need to start figuring out a design for my zombie book cover lol. Yikes.

    • thank you! i actually got asked if i’d be willing to illustrate a book cover last week. exciting times 😀

      are you sticking with traditional publishers, do going DIY. cos if you’re considering self-publishing, i can recommend having a look at jaye’s blog –

      • Melissa Says:

        I’m going the self-publishing route for this one. I’ve heard of so much success with it, I decided that would be the way to go. Plus, I have more control with the whole publishing process if I go self-pub.

  2. Jaye Says:

    Chris, thank you so much for providing the wedding fairy illustration. I feel like we put out a magazine! Tons of fun.

    • my pleasure jaye. it’s been a good 6months since i did a digital image, so it was a really good little task to get me back into the swing of things.

      it was a nice little batch of stories, wasnt it. halloween anthology for 2012 anyone…? lol

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