a little victory

October 10, 2011

for a while i’ve been considering getting into the t-shirt business. but through a mixture of lack of time/ equipment/ finances/ et cetera this has not yet occurred. i’ve slowly been building up equipment and ideas.

however, in the last couple of weeks i have done a little practical experimentation using a stencil from the skull-a-day blog.

these 3 shirts are done using that stencil. [top right using bleach, and the other two with fabric paints].the stencil is available for free download here.

i wouldnt normally post this kind of experimenty work, but currently i’m in the midst of so many new and ongoing projects that i feel a terrible frustration that none of my endeavours will come to fruition for quite some time. so, to combat this demoralising outlook, i feel it necessary to highlight this little milestone achievement toward my longer term goal of ‘doing t-shirts’.

so please, forgive the self indulgent nature of this post, but in many ways this blog is more than an online presence to establish a niche/build an artistic reputation for myself. it is a diary and justification of my creative path. i started it back in march as an attempt to regain my creative focus which had been lost in recent years – and i’ve been surprised by just how well it has worked in that context. but as i say, in absence of something finished to show, i am celebrating the little victory that is the beginnings of a new road.

“no great thing is suddenly created” – epictetus



2 Responses to “a little victory”

  1. Noah Says:

    They look great! Thanks for sharing what you did with my stencil!

    • ah thanks for commenting noah, it is a fab stencil!
      ive been following your blog for a while but never got round to submitting anything yet. i admire the dedication required to complete any 365 project, and you seem to have a lovely community built around it.

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