on the buses

September 3, 2011

i wrote a while ago about the drawings i do whilst stuck on a coach for hours[here].  i was reminded about one of these a few days ago, so thought i’d post up my favourites..

first up is a drawing i did for a fellow wordpresser amy. she requested i draw her a zombie hippy. although the sketch caption is a gag, im sad to say that the joke is not my own, i stole it from an image i saw on the interweb some time ago

zombie hippy” [markers on paper. 28 dec 2010]

this next one was for triff [who has been involved in some rather interesting digital projects, and is a pretty fab photographer too – so have a look at his site if you have time!] his sketch request was nothing if not bizarre..  read the title and contemplate the situation [and yes, i am aware of the spelling mistake in the drawing].

an inside out cow giving birth”  [markers on paper. 28 dec 2010]

last up is a sketch that my memory tells me was requested by my mate, micah. but it seems utterly improbable that i could have drawn a penguin without some influence from my good friend india

robot penguin”  [bic biro & marker on paper. 24 oct 2010]

im particuarly fond of this last sketch – not just for the reason that penguins are übercool, but because it has a extra layer of narrative to it. look again…

ceci n’est pas une robot penguin. indeed, it is not a robot penguin… it is a penguin pretending to be a robot!  😀



2 Responses to “on the buses”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Hi there, I really like the image of the penguin you drew and I think it would go perfect with my website. If you could give me your permission to use it? and if so could you could draw me the exact same image but on photoshop so I could use it?

    • hi bryan, i appreciate that you asked rather than just swiping the image! but my permission/goodwill would kinda depend on what your website is and other such things..
      i mean, hypothetically speaking, if you sell fancydress costumes specifically to arctic animals, then yeah i’d probably be happy to say yes. but if you are brainwashing penguins to be a futuristic strike force then i wouldnt be too comfortable being associated with that.

      my email is chrisfairrie[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk or i have a link to my facebook in my profile section, so you could add me on there

      so, please get in touch and we can have a chatter 🙂

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