liverpool zombie walk

August 31, 2011

the pic below is a friend of mine, francine blundell. she is organising a zombie charity walk [in liverpool on the 23rd october] in aid of SEPSIS.  there will be live bands playing before the walk begins too – so it’s looking to be a fab day of blood drenched fun.  full details of the event and how to sign up are in the facebook group here

the portrait seen here is a photo manipulation, based on a shot that fran provided.  ive always steered clear of photo manips, cos i felt that they’re cheating. my belief being that an artist should be able to either draw from scratch, or you take a photo that only requires minimal editing. so this image is actually one of the few times ive painted over a picture.

and this is the poster…



3 Responses to “liverpool zombie walk”

  1. mark Says:

    very nice poster! i thought it was make up 😀

    • thanks mark! she was already ‘zombiefied’ with a gash on her cheek, but the teeth and eyes are painted.

      when i first posted this, i’d intended to also show the original photo as comparison. but i wanted to ask permission from the girl who took it before posting, and to be honest i just completely forgot!

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