quintilis mensis

August 1, 2011

i have tracked my life for 5 months now. one hundred and fifty three days. my short-to-long term memory has truly faltered, and there are days [even weeks] which i have no recollection of.

yet, when i look over my old diary paintings and i am reminded of the tiniest detail from a weekend 3 months ago.. and slowly all the events surrounding it trickle back too. should i be so surprised by this? i mean, i do refer to them as ‘diary’ paintings – what else are they if not graphical memory triggers?

[markers /acrylic on A3 canvas. 01july – 1 august 2011]

july has been a subdued month for me. i have had to put life on hold, in order to prioritise my studies. that isnt to say the month has been uneventful –  it has certainly included it’s fair share of unexpected occurances: including flying mushrooms, parlour games, and maggots […far too many maggots!!]

i havent painted much into this month’s canvas – there are very few trivial details filling up the frame, although most if not all of the major events have been captured.  i find it interesting how the colour scheme is more uniform than ever before.. this was certainly an unconscious act, but to me it is very telling. i read the overall painting as being ’emotionally tired’, but i suppose inspecting the multitude of smileys could lead one to that very same conclusion..?

however, the one moment of vibrancy pictured [a day in the park] comes right at the very end of the month.. so lets hope the positive vibes keep flowing and ebb their way into august 🙂



5 Responses to “quintilis mensis”

  1. murphysrun Says:

    Another great post, CHris, and painting. What immediately struck me is the fluency with which you produce paintings. Your’e actually able to use canvas a diary, something few painters would attempt, because they struggle with content. Most painters spend weeks producing a single painting…of a lake. I enjoy the sing-song rhythm of your life and how you portray it. This painting also reminds me to go back and post on your smiles “calendar”.

    • hahaa i never have been a ‘lake painter’, frankly i dont how anyone spend that long crafting a single image. i certainly admire it, but my interests change far too rapidly.. bouncing between one spark of enthusiasm and the next. my projects that last longer than abt 2 wks never get finished, because they mutate drastically from the initial plan, and then i lose interest. i easily have a hundred unfinished projects.

      i used to keep a written diary, and these paintings serve to fill that same theraputic outlet. but this project too has morphed beyond its original criteria.. it was supposed to make my life more productive, but i think now it just shows what a mess it is! lol

      • oops! cant believe that lil’ typo slipped by for so long…

      • murphysrun Says:

        Interesting. I’ve never used photography as a journal or diary, until now I guess. Although I sense that [your] painting lends itself more to creating your mood on paper. Painting may simply be a better medium for archiving moods and events in the collective. Photography is too immediate, to superficial. You spend time creating a painting.

        As for rapidly changing interests, your posts have me wondeing if I have a little ADD in me. I, too, can easily lose interest if the project drags on. I used to think it’s because I have so many interests. Maybe it’s because I don’t have enough concentration!

  2. murphysrun Says:

    Just as an FYI, I have added a description to your blog address in my Other Cool People page. Cheers!

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