July 29, 2011

on occasion, i can become overly sentimental with material possessions. i had a particular pair of converse that held more than their fair share of nostalgia. when i did the sketch below [way back in jan 2009], i titled it “the shoes i got married in”

however, like most of my clothes, i wore them until they were dropping to pieces. but i eventually threw them out [in sept 2010] and by that point, the image had been given a completely new title…

“the shoes that outlived love”  [ps2, wacom. jan 2009]

chris z



4 Responses to “nostalgia”

  1. murphysrun Says:

    There was a, “Doh!”, when I read the post. I guess it begs the question, “Are you still married?”

  2. legally: yes. but that too shall pass! lol

    i love images with a story to tell. and as an artist i can look at my work and see significant parts of my life played out for all to see if they know the clues.

    as a photographer, do you have landmark/milestone photos that define your life too??

    • murphysrun Says:

      I have thought about my response for a day, and I’m surprised to say, no. It made me realize how private I am. I can’t think of any of my work that points to milestones in my personal life, except for now as a parent. Even then, is being a parent a “milestone” in one’s life or a state of being?

      I am a physician, a hockey player, photographer, and I’ve been married twice. I can’t think of a photograph that reflects any of those milestones. Huh.

      • initially this surprised me, but then i reflected on how i explained this… its not that my work is always particulary ‘emo’ and shows my heart bleeding through.

        for example, i can look back and see gaps of 2-3yrs in my adult life where i produced absolutely nothing creative – and i know the reasons why. i also see very corporate graphic design work i did, and remember the companionship i had on the evening while i was trying to hit the deadline. these things are not visible in my work, but the works are still the signposts which describe my journey to me

        yknow, i can probably tell you the time, place, location and a whole host of other details that are linked with every piece of work i consider to be significant..


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