drawing in the dark

July 25, 2011

light graffiti is something that caught my eye a few years ago. after seeing the work of michael bosanko, i couldnt help but borrow an SLR and have an experiment…

“quarter to four in the mourning” [ oct 2010]

as an artist, this was all about mood/ body language/ composition. and i felt it was quite successful in that respect – as it does go some way to capturing the peculiar atmosphere that i feel pervades that ominous moment of the night.

however, i never had the first clue how to use the camera.  so it was more blind luck than judgement which allowed this image to turn out as well as it did! but now im embarking on another photography project that has required me to pick up the most basic camera skills and its incredibly exciting to feel the enthusism of playing with a new medium once again. hopefully i’ll have some interesting snaps to post in the coming weeks

chris z



One Response to “drawing in the dark”

  1. murphysrun Says:

    Great work, Chris! Some of the most “famous” images are accidents. I think every artist the fortunate “accident” that produces a memorable work. It’s nice that Serendipity has influence on Art.

    I’ve done this kind of work, too, and Man it’s fun. It really makes you understand the relationship between time and still photography. In this sense, you’ve made a quantum leap in the basics of shutter speed vs apperture. You are way ahead of the game.

    I will look forward to seeing more of it.


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