turn off the tv

July 21, 2011

due to work deadlines, ive had virtually no time to work on my own creations. so im digging into my archives to locate what i consider to be my first piece of digital artwork…

dont let me mislead, i had worked with PS and wacom before, but this is the first idea concepted and worked through to a stage where i was happy to call it finished.  must have took me a good 40-60 hours [possibly more], and it taught me an incredible amount about constructing an image digitally.


“macabre visions” [photoshop7, wacom graphire. june 2007]

when getting into digital art, i spent a lot of time on the imagineFX forums [and would certainly recommend the magazine and community to anyone developing their skills]. as a result, the character of the above piece – tellyhead – evolved beyond this single image.

long story short: i helped start a digital fightclub! basically, participating artists would have their own character and have a ‘draw-off’ against other participants in the fightclub. tellyhead was my character that i used to fight with.. so now i have all manner of images, comic strips and the odd animation featuring him in conflict with some of the most random characters! incredible fun and a massive learning experience.

the next image ‘orkslayer’, was my first real attempt to understand focal points – when you need to add detail and when you dont. it was also completed in around 6hours, which is somewhat faster than when i began painting!

“orkslayer” [photoshop7, wacom graphire. may 2008]

and probably my favouritetellyhead image is this one, which was the final piece in an epic battle against GixGidea‘s character snotbucket! this fight had 3d animations, a massively funny back-and-forth comic strip, and i even made a little flash game. my final image showed narrative elements of the battle, and was also my first attempt at a movie-styled poster.

“tellyhead vs. snotbucket” [photoshopCS2, wacom graphire. july 2009]

there actually quite a few more pics over on my old portfolio website. however it was on a free host which seems to have been down quite a bit lately…  irrespective, find it here



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