my finger is infected

July 1, 2011

sadly this is not my original idea – i saw it on the interweb a few days ago and just had to give it a try…

zombie fingers ftfw  ❤  brainzzz or GTFO!!! 😀



3 Responses to “my finger is infected”

  1. Alex Khoo Says:

    Hahaha! This is so funny!!

  2. Jaye Says:

    This is Jaye’s DD#1 and I must say… I’m doing this and showing it to one of the doctors I work for. The deal is, if I die I have to come back as a zombie and chase him around the morgue, this will have to do in the mean time… LOL!

    • hahaa hello DD#1, just make sure u get a syringe full of trioxin-245 pumped into you when you’re on the slab and it’ll be all fun an games after that!

      as far as this photo goes.. i drew this on my fingers with sharpies. BUT in about a 2/3weeks im actually getting it tattoo’d onto my fingers for real!! cannot wait 😀

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