this too shall pass

June 26, 2011

technology isnt something im particuarly comfortable with. so the fact that im doing a degree in interactive media [where the focus is often on producing a digital artefact] maybe wasnt the best decision i ever made. however, it is the path i undertook and i have to just get on with it. however, all the code and scripting is destroying my soul, so i took a little time out to catch up with friends, do some painting, and watch a zombie movie or two.

i came across the phrase ‘this too shall pass’ on tumblr a few days ago; i dont want to get all emo, but it resonated with me in a few aspects of my current life. this picture was painted while contemplating such things..

“this too shall pass”  [acrylic & marker on A3 canvas. 25/06/2011. ]


the 2008 zombie moviecolin is one of my favourite takes on the genre in recent years. it follows the lead character [colin] as he is turned, and his subsequent interaction wth the places and people who were a part of his breathing life. it is such a change in perspective on the traditional zombie flick, and has some great ideas in it, although is painfully slowpaced at times.

i bought the dvd a few days ago, and thought that the cover had a nice graphic look to it.  this piece below is a sketch/painting [aprox 20mins] copied from the dvd case…

“colin” [acrylic & marker on A3 canvas. 25/06/2011. ]



2 Responses to “this too shall pass”

  1. jawzofdesign Says:

    that is frickin amazing!! Brill work Chris, keep it up mate!

  2. thank you! would love to try do a collab painting with you sometime if you’re game??

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