lion .vs. unicorn

June 15, 2011

i’ve been gettin quite a lot of interest in my work over this last week..  its all very exciting! lol. but problem is im utterly snowed under with uni work at the minute, so havent got the time to really pursue these. but i’ll get it all bucked sooner or later.

one ingenious plan i had to increase my amount of available work time was to eliminate distractions… so my facebook is currently DEACTIVATED !!!  its weird being so cut off from the world, but its a necessary evil. might be for a week, might be for a month.  if you need to get in touch, the email is chrisfairrie[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

anyway, enough chatter – back to the artwork…

a month ago, scroobius pip was talkin on his facebook about needing new artwork for an upcoming project, and made an offhand comment suggesting that art submissions could be as diverese as “a lion fighting a fucking unicorn”.  i couldnt help myself….

“a lion fighting a fucking unicorn” [markers on paper. 16 may 2011]

yknow, im not all that happy with this drawing [mainly due to the anatomy issues with the lion’s torso], but it was a 20 minute sketch! however, i do love the fact that it’s such an evenly matched battle at this stage. and its the piece that has received the most immediate interest and comments from friends.  so i accept the flaws and enjoy it for what it is.

drawing this kind of battle scene reminds me of all the time i spent in fightclub.  i learned so much about drawing while doing that.  i’ll have to post some of that old work and tell you all about it on this blog soon.

chris z



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