the daze of may

June 2, 2011

may has been a weird month, the phrase: “himmelhoch jauchzend und zum tode betrübt” certainly comes to mind..  its also been ridiculously busy, yet with some beautifully tranquil periods. im pleased to see that my diary painting  does indeed suggest this…

chris zombieking - diary painting for may 2011

[markers /acrylic/ UV paint on A3 canvas. 01may – 01june 2011]

im fantastically pleased with myself for sticking at this for a whole 3 months! dont see why it cant keep going for another 9?  i think the trick now will be to try an not keep looking back at these first few paintings, otherwise it’d be all too easy to let their style influence how i deal with the rest..  but should i hide them away, or just hang them out of my immediate attention?

putting all the paintings together, its curious to see continuing threads and associations. there are a number of people who have made it into 2 of the pictures, but there’s only 1 association that has occurred across all 3 images. i wonder who/what will be the biggest reoccurring theme once the entire year has passed??


4 Responses to “the daze of may”

  1. Jay Says:

    Love it. Thanks for the mention 😉 xx

  2. thanks bud. it really hit home how much i missed you on your birthday x

  3. actually, you [or rather the letter] got a mention in march too! x

  4. Jay Says:

    Oh yea i seen that too 🙂 xx

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