the men of my dreams

April 25, 2011

i was looking through my old portfolio an came across a series of digital sketches i did back in jan 2009.  i had intended to keep this as a blog of current work, but im particuarly fond of this series of painting..

tim curry as pennywise the clown

heath ledger as the joker

sid haig as captain spaulding

krusty the clown

[all of the above:  photoshop/wacom graphire. jan 2009]


3 Responses to “the men of my dreams”

  1. […] the men of my dreams – Fan made clown images, including an awesomely creepy and bloodshot Krusty.  […]

  2. jessiepeace Says:

    Clowns freak me out. But they are really good, for all the 20 seconds I can look at one until I get too scared and have to look away.

  3. lols! thanks for all your lovely comments btw, always nice to hear positive things from people i dont yet know xx

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