digital to analogue

April 18, 2011

ive tried to paint a digital version of an existing traditional painting before,  to see how well the digital medium can replicate the look.. but id never tried it the other way round until now.

this zombie portrait is a quick painting (2 hr) of a digital sketch (30 mins) originally painted in jan 2010. although i must say i was going more for atmosphere than accuracy in this copy!

[markers /acrylic on A3 canvas. 31 march 2011]

the original can be found on my old portfolio website, in the artwork/sketches section. its the penultimate painting in that little gallery.

actually i hadnt look at that site for sometime.. its still got some interesing work on it. i’ll have to do someting with it – at least update the home page if nothing else!


addendum [5 oct 2011]

this is the original digital sketch the above painting is based on..


5 Responses to “digital to analogue”

  1. Jaye Says:

    Chris, this is haunting. Might I borrow for my blog posting tomorrow (Oct 6?). I’ll make sure there’s a link and credit.


    • yes, of course you can use it jaye. my only niggle is that the photo doesnt really do the painting justice – the tones are a lot more sombre the eyes are a lot closer to that glassy stare which the original has.

      i’d been meaning to post the original digital version that this was based on for ages, but it took your comment to remind me. if you prefer the digital one, feel free to use that instead

  2. Jaye Says:

    Thank you. I’ll send a link when the post is up.

  3. […] This painting caught my eye because of the haunting emptiness of the eyes. Chris had taken the original painting then did some digital magic tinkering and ended up with an image even creepier than the original. […]

  4. Jaye Says:

    Thanks, Chris. Greedy Gus that I am, I used the image on both my blogs! and

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