following the march

April 17, 2011

well ive been without internet access and a working computefor the last 3 weeks or so. its meant that ive had so much more time to concentrate on traditional painting..  since the start of march ive started over 16 anvasses! granted, ive only finished about 6 of them but its a start, no? i’ll get more of these posted over the coming days. however, one project that ive been workin on has really held my interest and im hopefully going to continue working on this theme for some time…

ive always been a terrible procrastinator, and a friend of mine (wilfro) suggested i write a ‘to-do list’. well, ive used lists before and i just end up with a pile of lists.. but she was so sure it was the way forward i decided to give it another go. so i wrote everything i wanted to achieve  in march on a canvas. and when i did one of the tasks, i would paint over it with something relevant. i also took the opportunity to add a mood tracker (this idea came from my friend india). and during the month i would record certain events taking place by painting them onto the canvas..

by the end of march i had quite a piece of work! it had evolved into a very personal diary for the month. little fragments of memory and mood swings (amongst other things). some items are easier to decipher than others, and those involved in certain events will understand the graphic relevance. but it’ll only be me who gets it all.

[markers /acrylic on A3 canvas. 01-31 march 2011]

im pleased to say i took photos of this canvas every few days to track how it developed  – which i’ll get mashed into a gif at some point and post.

im workin on a diary painting for april too. its interestin that i can already see that overall this month has been so much more tranquil and quiet than last. i have always loved the idea of doing a 365 project  and as unintentional as this was at the start, i hope to continue this for as long as i can.

i was tellin somebody about this a few weeks ago, saying how much more productive i had been using this ‘to-do list’.  although their response was :

“surely this is just a bigger form of procrastination, because you spend so much time tracking what you’ve done rather than doing it??”

and i guess in a way they were right. i wouldnt say i spend more time doing it, but i certainly do paint this when i should be gettin on with other things. ah well, other procrasinators will understand, and one day we will unite to discuss it all. one day…

3 Responses to “following the march”

  1. jessiepeace Says:

    I see wordpress is in there. Thats the only thing I can work out what it might be.

    I hope you carry this on, it would make an amazing gallery piece if you had all the months in the year. Really its original and I’ve never seen anything similar.

  2. lol yeah, id been meaning to start a blog for ages an this was the result! G7 and one of the tiny painting relate to couple of finished works i posted on the blog too. would just take too long to attempt to explain it all lol.

    i got thinking more about your to-do list… what if you found a generic image to represent say, ‘new york’ or ‘a cookbook’. arrange them in a pattern on your wall.. and then when you achieve the goal you could replace it with a photo you’d taken yourself to represent the goal?? maybe each photo should be a polariod print taken with the camera you intend to get?! imagine seeing your goals unfold across the wall in cute quirky pictures.. x

  3. Jay Says:

    i really love this idea. Found the point of procrastinating even more by doin this soo funny. Being a procrastinator myself that is. I only wish i cud draw or even love drawing enuf to fill all my thoughts and emotions into a picture. Ur so intelligent and unique bud! I love that abt you…i look forward to the monthly rundown of ur life 🙂 xox

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